Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What a change in the metal triangle. From Slipknot to Suicidal Tendencies. “It’s an honor”

Recall that Jay Weinbergprivately a son Max Weinberg, a drummer known, among others, With Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Bandbroke up with Slipknot in early November 2023. Now the 33-year-old drummer has taken on a new task, joining the ranks Suicidal Tendencies and, as he himself admits, opens a new chapter in the history of the band that has inspired him for years.

“When I think of the heavy metal culture and community that I have identified with for 20 years, I think of Suicidal Tendencies: a pillar and source of inspiration since I fell in love with punk, metal and hardcore,” Jay Weinberg wrote on social media.

“While traveling and performing together all over the world, I was lucky to make friends with my musical heroes who create the amazing history of this band. It is a great honor and privilege to play in Suicidal Tendencies,” emphasized the American drummer.

Weinberg will make his live debut with Suicidal Tendencies in mid-March at two shows in Japan.

Let us add that the current line-up of the famous band from Los Angeles, led by the singer Mike Muirthere is also a guitarist Dean Pleasants; known for The Dillinger Escape Plan rhythm guitarist BenWeinman; and bassist Tye Trujilloson Robert Trujillo With Metallica. Let us remind you that for less than two months Jay Weinberg has also been a live drummer of a group closely related to Suicidal Tendencies Infectious Grooves.

It is worth adding that Jay Weinberg replaced the New York drummer in Suicidal Tendencies Greyson Nekrutmanwho joined the ranks at the end of February Sepultura and will take part in the farewell tour of the Brazilian metal legend (as part of it, Sepultura will play on November 21 at Spodek in Katowice). Nekrutman, in turn, took his place in Sepultura Eloy Casagrandewho left the famous band from Belo Horizonte at the beginning of February and, according to rumors circulating on the stage, would become the new drummer of Slipknot.

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