Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

What a bummer on “The Voice Senior.” How did Tomasz Szczepanik explain himself?

On Saturday, TVP showed the final episode of the fifth edition “The Voice Senior”which features participants over 60 years of age.

They evaluate age-experienced singers Maryla Rodowicz, Alicja WęgorzewskaTomasz Szczepanik from Group Pectus (check!) and Halina Frąckowiak, which unexpectedly replaced the beloved one for many TVP viewers Piotr Cugowski.

The following advanced to the finals: Lucyna Mazur and Roman Wojciechowski (Maryla Rodowicz’s team), Piotr Salata and Wojciech Kwiatkowski (Tomasz Szczepanik’s players), Róża Frąckiewicz and Regina Rosłaniec-Bavcevic (Halina Frąckowiak’s team) and Tadeusz Talarek and Małgorzata Kraszkiewicz (Alicja Węgorzewska’s team). The last episode was divided into two stages – the coaches selected one participant from their teams, and the winner was chosen by TVP viewers from among the four best in SMS voting.

Tomasz Szczepanik after Tadeusz Talarek’s performance (Look!) wanted to praise the participant, stating that he sang perfectly for an 80-year-old. Meanwhile, the participant quickly corrected the coach’s mistake, saying that he was only 72 years old.

“Alicja made me laugh. Despite everything, you know that I respect and love you,” Szczepanik tried to get out of the situation. “Such a little prank,” Alicja Węgorzewska laughed.

They advanced to the finals Piotr Salata (“How Wonderful You Are” by Gordon Haskell and “Time teaches us the weather” by Grażyna Łobaszewska), Tadeusz Talarek (“Let’s go back like the old days” in version Krzysztof Krawczyk and “Bella Bella Donna” by Janusz Gniatowski and Jan Danek), Roman Wojciechowski (“It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown and “One Heart” by Czesław Niemen) and Regina Rosłaniec-Bavcevic (“Caruso” by Lucio Dalli and “Tylko ask me to dance” by Anna Jantar).

The viewers decided to win the fifth edition Regina Rosłaniec-Bavcevic (check!). In addition to the statuette, the winner also received PLN 50,000. zloty. The singer burst into tears with emotion. “I’m shaking all over,” she said. “Thank you for believing in me,” she added.

He is the owner of the company “Music Services”, which he has been running with passion for almost half a century. His musical path is rich in experience gained through cooperation with various bands. Mention may be made of: Pompomswhere the uniqueness of the musical costumes was emphasized with pompoms, or Pollena, named after the packaging plant. You also can’t forget about Tornadoa band known for their energetic performances.

Currently, Tadeusz participates in the fire brigade orchestra in Garwolin, where he continues his musical passion. Despite a wide range of musical interests, Tadeusz clearly distances himself from disco polo, preferring more niche repertoire, such as songs for anglers. It was his teammates who convinced him to take up a new challenge – participation in “The Voice Senior”which is a chance for Tadeusz to share his rich musical experience with a wider audience.