Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Weekend at the cinema: A long-awaited film with a chance for five Oscars. What else?

Did she kill? Did he jump? – these are probably the questions viewers will ask themselves after watching this excellent film. “Anatomy of a Fall” is one of the most famous European productions in recent years. The winner of the Golden Spot at Cannes and the winner of two Golden Globes (foreign language film and screenplay) is also fighting for five Oscars, including in the most important categories. “It’s a film you can’t forget,” she wrote Anna Tatarska in a review for Interia.

The plot focuses on a married couple living in the French Alps. When her husband dies in mysterious circumstances, suspicion falls on his wife, Sandra. Investigators are trying to prove that she had motives to commit the crime. She, however, tries to prove her innocence at all costs.

The main role was played by the phenomenal: Sandra Hüller, which was recognized for its performance with an Oscar nomination. She is accompanied on screen by the stars of French cinema: Swann Arlaud, Antoine Reinartz and Johnny Beth – actress and artist, associated with the bands Savages and John & Jehn.

Vincent must die, although no one really knows why. Just a moment ago he was the embodiment of mediocrity – he worked in a corporation, made dates on Tinder, lived in a normal apartment and went out for beers with his friends. One day, however, he is attacked at work by an intern. The next day, someone else tries to kill Vincent. And then another one. The main character decides to check why he suddenly became public enemy number one.

“Vincent Must Die” is the directorial debut of Stéphan Castang, who draws heavily from post-apocalyptic cinema.

“Stéphan Castang’s directorial debut, shown at the Cannes festival, mixes comedy of the absurd, zombie cinema and disaster cinema, which has become fashionable in recent (post) pandemic times. It also has something pertinent to say about our society, which is increasingly hysterical,” he wrote in his review Łukasz Adamski.

“Goodbye dolls” is the first standalone film Ethan Coenwho along with his brother Joel has won four Oscars in the past for “Fargo” and “No country for old men”. The plot is reminiscent of the siblings’ first films. Here are two friends, Jamie (Margaret Qualley) and Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan), they go on a trip to Tallahassee to sort out their affairs. Along the way, they become entangled in an intrigue with a mysterious shipment, inept criminals and a group of colorful characters.

In the background and in episodes there will be a revue of renowned actors, including Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, Beanie Feldstein, Bill Camp and Colman Domingo, nominated for an Oscar this year for the title role in “Rustin”.

Pierre Bonnard is a French painter whose paintings are now sold for millions of dollars. Even though almost eight decades have passed since his death, his biography still hides many secrets. Martin Provost decided to bring some of them to light in his latest film “Impressionists”. It is the story of a stormy romance and difficult love between an outstanding painter and his model, muse, lover and later wife – Marta, against the background of a picturesque painting of French bohemia from the Belle Epoque.

They played the main roles in “The Impressionists”. Vincent Macaigne (“Our Best Wedding”, “Diary of a Romance”) and Cécline de France (“Taste of Life”, “Lost Illusions”).

“Dog and cat” is a French adventure comedy for the whole family, produced by the creators of the cult series “”.

The film tells the story of the search for two missing dogs – but these are not ordinary pets. One of them is the cat Diva, an internet star with millions of followers on her account, who is followed by her beloved lady, Monika. The second wanted person is Waldi – a street dog whom the thief, Jack, is looking for. It turns out that the clever dog swallowed his prey, a priceless ruby. Monika and Jack must work together to survive a crazy chase between Montreal and New York and escape from a cop who has no good intentions.