Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Cleo closes an important stage in her career. “It’s over”. Do you remember how she started?

“CLEO 10” is the sum of the atmospheres and sounds that accompanied the productions Cleo from 2014 to 2024. The songs refer to the spirit of albums such as: “HIPER/CHIMERA, “BASTET”, “superNOVA” and “vinyLOVA”.

In addition to the new song in “In the New Year”, the album will also include songs that Cleo published in 2023 – “Only With You” and “Carmine Lips”.

“I wanted to sum up my 10 years on stage, I decided that the best expression of it would be the music project ‘CLEO 10’. You will hear the sounds and atmospheres that accompanied me from ‘HIPER/CHIMERA’ to ‘vinyLOVA’ – for me it is the end of an era and the beginning of completely new ones. challenges. I am closing the last decade with this project,” she wrote Cleo on social media.

She wrote the words to the new song herself Cleo. He composed the music Donatan, hiding under a pseudonym DobroBIT. A music video was also shot for the new single, featuring: Patryk Pniewski, Nefthis, Najro, Rubi and Adrianna Steinmentz. He was his director Michael Konradwith whom Cleo she had the opportunity to work on many previous videos.

“Cleo 10” is scheduled to premiere later this year.

Cleoor rather Joanna Klepkohas been known for years not only for her strong voice and hits, but also for her image.

Initially, the future star of the Polish stage did not think about a musical career. She graduated Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Warsaw, where she obtained a master’s degree in landscape architecture. She gained skills at work, among others: in Paris under supervision Nicolas Wozniak and Jean Paul Lehfeld

Despite her successes at work, Klepko decided to focus on singing. She belonged to a gospel choir Soul Connection and founded a band Two Acesshe also tried her hand at ““X Factor”where, however, she was not given a chance.

“It’s not an easy song, but the start was terrible,” he said Czesław Mozil. “You are quite average. We are looking for someone who will be a rocket,” he commented Kuba Wojewódzki.

Her career developed after starting cooperation with Donatanwith whom she recorded a great hit “We Slavs” and after going to Eurovision in 2014. Since then, Cleo has become one of the most popular singers in Poland with many hits to her credit (“Za krok krok”, “Lowcy Gwiazd”, “Brać”, “Dom”).

Currently, Cleo is not only one of the most popular singers and influencers in Poland, but also helped young talents in “The Voice Kids”.