Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Vito Bambino vs. Fryderyki. “The Unreformable Circus”

Let us remind you that this year's Fryderyk Gala was organized again in Gliwice. The biggest winner turned out to be the grand absentee of the gala – Lech Janerka. The musician won five statuettes, including artist of the year, author of the year and song of the year.

The following also won in the most important categories: Hania Rani, Daria Zawiałow and Daria from Silesia. He received a record number of eight Fryderyk nominations Vito Bambinohowever… in the end, he didn't get a single statuette.

When the emotions after the Fryderyk Awards subsided a bit, the singer commented on the situation. “Last Friday, my crew and I attended the Fryderyk Awards – an event that I have never considered more important before… but not this time. After eight nominations, I thought that maybe the moment has come when the domestic industry opens up to us… .on me. I was deceived. I even felt some kind of pride,” he began.

“I literally lowered my guard for a moment – only to get a filling right in the face. It was more of a series of blows… I always wanted to be a rock for you and for myself. Something that is unaffected by strong winds and waves… I failed “- he continued.

“I apologize and solemnly vow that I will NEVER again allow my artistry to be subjected to any assessment by a body of 'specialists'. In the future, my numbers will not be reported to ZPAV – which means that my face or nickname will never appear in this irreformable circus again,” he concluded. He also added that the Fryderyki coins he has will be auctioned and the profits will be donated to a nursing home for the elderly.

He was supported by fans who expressed their dissatisfaction in the comments. “These Fryderykis really are one big circus. I turned them off after an hour because I couldn't watch it. Maybe these Fryderykis used to mean something, now in my opinion it is one big circle of mutual admiration”, “I will repeat once again: for us you are the biggest winner and we give you the reward in the form of sold out concerts, screaming at them, doing pumps and the best cardio in the world! Everyone can dream of such awards”, “You have nothing to apologize for, absolutely not. We all saw what a circus that took place during this year's gala ' (writing in quotation marks, because it was more of a clown festival),” they wrote.