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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Viewers were amazed when they saw Filip Pławiak in “Rojście”

“Rojst Millennium” Is a continuation of “Rojsta” and “Rojsta’97” and the last part of the trilogy. Viewers will finally see the dark secrets solved. What will happen this time? People are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new millennium. Meanwhile, in the forest in Gronty, the skeleton of a woman with a necklace is unearthed, and a murder takes place during a birthday banquet at the “Centrum” hotel. What and who is behind all these events? The story goes back to the 1960s to find the key to the crime mystery.

Responsible for directing Jan Holoubek, and the cast includes real stars, including: Janusz Gajos, Tomasz Schuchardt, Filip Pławiak and Marianna Gierszewska, Michalina Łabacz and Konrad Eleryk, as well as characters that viewers have become familiar with in previous seasons, played by: Dawid Ogrodnik, Magdalena Różczka, Łukasz Simlat and Andrzej Seweryn.

Filip Pławiak (“Red Spider”, “Chyłka“) in the final season of “Rojst” plays the role of the Cauldron Manager from years ago, a younger version of the character played by Piotr Fronczewski. His voice was changed in the series. The creators decided to combine and mix Fronczewski’s voice from his youth with Pławiak’s current tone. The final effect can be seen in “Rojst. Millenium”, which is now available on Netflix.

A video was published on Netflix’s Instagram profile, consisting of fragments of the young Manager’s scenes from the latest episodes. “He was such a good boy, he always said ‘good morning'” – we read in the description, which refers to the hero’s fate.

The comments are full of audience opinions about the series. Lots of viewers pay attention Filip Pławiak’s enormous resemblance to Piotr Fronczewski in the cult actor’s youth.

“I hadn’t seen this resemblance before, but now it’s normal 1:1. Fantastic choice of actors”, “What a good series!!! The young Manager and young Wanycz play top notch! F. Pławiak’s profile, 100% young P. Fronczewski”, “The whole a great series and for the role of the young manager, respect, played in such a way that there are no questions Bravo”, “The way Mr. Filip “made” young Piotr Fronczewski is a real masterpiece. The facial expressions, the look, the way he moves. Awesome! I’m impressed,” we read.

There is no shortage of positive comments about the final season itself. Viewers are clearly delighted with “Rojst”, and only a few days have passed since the premiere.

Under the post we read: “This series is simply brilliant! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something so good, not exaggerated and at the same time surprising! And the actors. I almost forgot that we have such great ones in Poland”, “A sensational series, world-class actors, every detail, a masterpiece but no wonder it was directed by Holoubek, in my opinion the best director of the young generation”, “The whole season was watched in one evening with a flush on my face, perfect dialogues, heartwarming acting… oh, more series like this please”, “How is it possible that all seasons are they great?” – say the comments.

“Rojst. Millenium” is available on Netflix.

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