Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Urbańska honestly about her daughter. How did she sum it up in “The Voice Kids”?

Natasza Urbańska At the end of February, she made her debut in the latest version of the talent show with children aged 8-14. Her appearance in the program not only resulted in completely new energy, but also revived the remaining coaches’ great curiosity about Natasha, her professional and private life.

What kind of mother are you to your daughter?” she asked Cleo during the break between the performances of subsequent participants.

“My Kalina is so small Józefowicz. I have a big one Józefowicz and a little one. And now try to find your way in it. This is probably a good answer to this question,” said Natasza Urbańska, whose 16-year-old daughter performs on the stage of the Buffo musical theater in the musical “Metro”.

The other coaches immediately joined the conversation, trying to describe the 16-year-old daughter Natasza Urbańska and Janusz Józefowicz.

“Ambitious, specific, perfectionist,” they said Cleo, Tomson and Baron.

“She is ambitious, she knows what she wants, I can only help her with it, I make it easier for her,” the story continued Natasza Urbańska.

The coach of “The Voice Kids” also decided to try to diagnose her teenage daughter’s generation.

“You know what, this young generation is like: “Mom, it will come, take it easy, you know, don’t go crazy.” They have a distance and that’s nice, because I didn’t have that distance for a very, very long time. I probably caught it after I was born. daughters,” he says Natasza Urbańska.