Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

He would share his hits with an army of stars. These songs were created by Chris Martin

If anyone follows the group’s career Coldplay, you probably won’t be surprised that the singer has collaborated with people from various musical backgrounds. Hip-hop artists, pop stars, and even dance music producers – they all either received ready-made songs from Martin or created them with him.

The artist was delighted when she met her good friend, Chris Martin, during the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards gala. The group Coldplay performed at the event, and for the singer, the awards ceremony was a moment of respite from work on the album. Furtado was just recording songs for the album “Loose“The musicians had the opportunity to talk for a while, and when it turned out that Nelly was working with… Timbaland, Chris couldn’t waste this opportunity. The leader of Coldplay said that he loved this producer and was curious about his friend’s new album, so he simply invited himself into the studio.

It so happened that the star had been listening to the album “X&Y” by Coldplay in the previous weeks, so it was quite a coincidence. Martin only intended to watch the duo at work and listen to Nelly’s new songs, but he ended up helping create one of them. The musician added backing vocals to the hit “All Good Things (Come to an End)“By the way, a few years earlier, many people gossiped that Furtado and Martin were a couple. The artists reacted to these reports with laughter, and the singer even joked: “Yes, he’s my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.”

What to do with “the best song you’ve ever written for your band”? Give it to another artist. Natalie Imbruglia She has been preparing the album for almost three yearsCome to Life” That’s a long time, so it’s no surprise that the singer was relieved when she finally managed to record all the songs. Then the artist received a call from Chris, who began to convince Natalie to return to the studio and work on a few additional songs. The album may not have been the Australian’s biggest dream back then, but – as the singer said – such opportunities are not wasted.

Martin helped the artist look at the album with a critical eye and contributed to three songs on its final version. Piece “Lucas” was supposed to appear on the album “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”, but in the end it did not fit on the Coldplay album, so Imbruglia benefited from it. O “Fun” Chris himself, in turn, said that it could be a hit for his band. The singer even joked that he might regret giving it to Natalie, but when the artist heard the song for the first time, she was so moved that she knew one thing: she wouldn’t give it back.

It must be admitted that the rapper and the vocalist of the group Coldplay are quite an original combination. The cooperation of these musicians began by accident. The artists met at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Kanye and Chris started talking, and discussions about songs quickly moved to one of the studios and the musicians decided to play some music together. West presented Martin with an idea for a song from several years ago. In the original version, the chorus was sung by John Legend, but during this random session in London something completely new was created: “Homecoming” featuring Chris.

The Coldplay leader asked the rapper to change “a few” things, and the result was this single from the album “Graduation” While such combinations usually gain great reviews, not all West fans were happy with the song. Chris was criticized for being “not a rapper” and “not from Chicago”, to whom the song was supposed to be a tribute. These voices, however, did not make any impression on Kanye, who considered “Homecoming” one of his three favorite songs from the album.

Thanks to this song, the singer had her third consecutive hit on the charts in Great Britain. At the end of 2003 Jamelia she worked in London on a special edition of the album “Thank You” from a few months ago. The second album is always a “check” for a musician who delighted the world with his debut, so the singer wanted to do something great. She succeeded, so the artist decided to seal the success with the second release of “Thank You”, with bonuses Here, Chris helped a little by joining Jamelia in the studio. The singers created a song together about how one person in a relationship doesn’t talk about their problems, even though it’s clearly visible that they have them. Martin came up with the idea for the piano part and wrote the lyrics for the chorus, and Jamelia took care of the rest. The song not only became an immediate hit, but also appeared frequently on many British television programs in the following years.

Coldplay and BTS secured one of the biggest hits of the turn of 2021 and 2022 thanks to their joint song “My Universe“. The crew became friends while working on the song. So it’s no wonder that when Jin, the star of a Korean band, was preparing a solo album and approached proven and talented colleagues. “The Astronaut” was created together by Jin, Chris and the other musicians of Coldplay, Kygo and… Moses Martin, Chris’s son. The boy had a small part in writing, and could also boast of his vocal skills in backing vocals. A combination of an artist known from BTS, a song tailored for stadiums and lyrics about love could not fail. In South Korea alone, over 700,000 copies of the single “The Astronaut” were sold on the day of its premiere.

Another example of good cooperation that did not end with one song. The Swedish DJ co-wrote and helped produce the single “A Sky Full of Stars” Coldplay. The musicians got along so well that Chris later wrote a song with Avicii “True Believer” for the producer’s second album, and also “Heaven“. This last song was supposed to be included in the same album, but the DJ wanted to work on the song some more, so he decided not to release it right away. Martin not only played guitar in “Heaven”, but also sang. Unfortunately, Avicii didn’t have time to show off the results working together. The musician died in 2018, and the song was included in the album “Tim”, released after the producer’s death.

“It sounds like Coldplay” – this was the reaction of many people who heard this song for the first time. Not without reason, because the song was actually written by Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will. The musicians have been supporting the band for years Embrace, and Danny McNamara is one of Martin’s best friends. The men even played together before Coldplay became popular. Chris and company once performed “Gravity” at their own shows, but ultimately decided not to release the song. Why? “We thought the song was too much of their style for our group, but it wasn’t really ‘their’ for them, so I asked Danny if would like this song – that’s what it looked like,” Martin told NME magazine.

McNamara later admitted that “Gravity” caused a row within his band. Some musicians were convinced that they had not spent so many years working on their name to make covers. It was decided that the crew would at least try to record the song to see what would come out of it. The artists slightly reworked the song, and the effect turned out to be so good that the song immediately took the last available place on the album.

When the singer was preparing her debut album, there was already a lot of talk about her, but no one expected that she would become such a big star in a few years. When planning work on the album Dua Lipa she met with a team of advisors and label employees and someone asked who she would most like to collaborate with. The singer said she was with Chris Martin, but she treated it more as a big dream than a real scenario. The artist was quite surprised when it turned out that one of the women present at the meeting had been working with the group Coldplay for years. The singer was supposed to send Martin her song ideas, but she was convinced that nothing would come of it, and Caroline – that was the woman’s name – simply tried to be nice.

Dua must have been quite surprised when Caroline soon reached out to say, “Chris really likes your songs.” The musician was very busy at the time, so he asked a colleague to come to Malibu. Chris worked there with Coldplay’s sound engineer. Lipa first showed off her songs. “I watched Martin dancing in the studio,” the singer told Billboard magazine. They both knew what life on the road meant, and they both missed London sometimes, so the title came first.Homesick“, and then Dua and Chris created the rest. The single was completed in two sessions, with Martin playing keyboards and singing along the way.