Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Titanic” opened the door to Kate Winslet’s career. Fans recognize her from another movie

She shared an unexpected confession with viewers of The Tonight Show Kate Winslet. As she admits, fans are more likely to recognize her on the street thanks to her role in a romantic comedy.Holiday“not in a James Cameron movie”Titanic“.

“People stop me on the street more often because of ‘Holiday’ and an episode of ‘Extras’ than because of ‘Titanic’. Especially at Christmas. It’s very nice when mothers and daughters come up to me in the grocery store and tell me they love me.” Holiday’, and watching this movie is their holiday ritual. The same as eating the same things every year. I love it. It’s something I never expected. Thanks to my movie, mothers and daughters develop a closer bond. It’s so nice and sweet,” says Winslet.

“Holiday” is a Christmas romantic comedy from 2006, about two women from different parts of the world who are experiencing problems in their relationships. They decide to exchange their homes for the holidays, and after arriving there, they find their love. She played the second woman Cameron Diazin turn, played the main male roles Jack Black and Jude Law.

Host Jimmy Fallon admitted that he and Robert Downey Jr. They applied for roles in “Holiday” but didn’t get them. “It was true. I remember it very well. I really do. We were told that you would show up for the audition. I thought it was just for fun. We would read the script and it would be fun. I didn’t realize that you were auditioning for this role. “I’m sorry you didn’t get it,” the actress confirmed.

Winslet also recalled other details about the Fallon and Downey Jr. hearings.

“I remember that you were very sick and you were constantly disinfecting your hands. Robert spoke with a British accent, but I thought it was an Australian accent. I thought it wouldn’t work. I just wondered who would tell him about it, because it sounded terrible,” Winslet laughed.

The host of the program admitted that he felt terrible before the audition, but came to the conclusion that he should try because such a chance might not happen again.

“Regime”, a six-episode black comedy starring Kate Winslet. The series tells the story of the fall of a modern authoritarian regime. Apart from Kate Winslet, it will also star Matthias Schoenaerts (“The Girl in the Portrait”), Guillaume Gallienne (“Marie Antoinette”), Andrea Riseborough (“To Leslie”), Martha Plimpton (“The Goonies”) and Hugh Grant (“Notting Hill” ).

The first episode of “Regime” premieres on March 4 on HBO Max.