Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

This lineup will crush you to the ground. Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and Municipal Waste at a concert in Poland

“Do you love ardent metal changed by various events? Mark October 9 on your calendar. Deathmetal titans from Cannibal Corpseand before them the energy will be delivered by crossover madmen from Municipal Wastedeath metal veterans from Immolation and death/thrash Schizophrenia“- we read.

Tickets for the concert at A2 in Wrocław will go on sale on March 28 (12:00).

The Americans from Cannibal Corpse will promote their 16th studio album. The album “Chaos Horrific” was released in September 2023. This is the second – after “Violence Unimagined” from 2021 – Cannibal Corpse's longplay featuring Erik Rutanpreviously the producer of several of the band's albums and leader Hate Eternal and former guitarist Morbid Angelwho joined the Cannibals three years ago.

Municipal Waste these are representatives of the crossover trend. “A lot of d-beat, rather jet speeds and descents into more walking moments, definitely closer to the hardcore than metal tradition,” we read.

Immolation are yet another death metal veterans. The New York band released the album “Acts of God” in 2022.

The concert in Wrocław will be opened by a singer from Belgium Schizophreniawhich will present a mix of death and thrash metal.