Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

This is not the end of the Eurovision scandal. Luna's clear message

68th Eurovision Song Contest 2024 after last year's victory Loreen takes place in Malmö. During the first semi-final on Tuesday, 15 candidates appeared on stage, including one representing Poland Glow With “The Tower” (check!). However, our singer did not advance to the grand final.

The following people advanced to Saturday's competition thanks to viewers' votes: Portugal, Ireland, Croatia, Finland, Slovenia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Ukraine and Serbia.

In turn, representatives of the following countries advanced from the second semi-final: Latvia, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Israel, Greece, Estonia, Switzerland, Georgia and Armenia. The list of participants in Saturday's final is supplemented by representatives The Big Five (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain) and hosts (Sweden).

Just before the final European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided to exclude the Dutch representative from the competition – Joost Kleinwhich came with the song “Europapa” (check!).

The performance of the Israeli representative also arouses considerable emotions Eden Golan. Last year's Eurovision participant Alessandra she resigned from giving points to the Norwegian jury in the final, while representing France Slimane – during the rehearsal, instead of part of his song, he gave a speech about the need for world peace.

Luna also expressed a clear position on social media. The Pole attached photos of other representatives to her stage outfit – including Joost Klein. However, in the description, alongside other flags, the one of Israel does not appear. On Luna's face there is an inscription made of crystals: “no war”.