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This is all Jennifer Lopez. The first album by a Latin star in years is now available

Jennifer Lopez released a new album, the first in nine years, “This Is Me…Now”which is the highlight of the album released two decades ago “This Is Me…Then”. The singer’s new material is now available on streaming platforms as well as physical media – CD and vinyl.

Let us recall that the Latin singer is one of the world’s most popular stars. So far, she has sold over 80 million albums, and her songs have been listened to over 15 billion times online. The music videos were viewed over 18 billion times, and four of Lopez’s songs topped the prestigious Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The star wrote and recorded “This Is Me…Now” at her home in Los Angeles, and work on the album lasted for the last two years. During the production, she could count on the help of a stellar team of producers, including: With Rogét Chahayed, Angel Lopez and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman. Additional producer-songwriters were HitBoy, Tay Kieth, Yeti Beats, Carter Lang, Kim “Kaydence” Krysiuk, Jason Derulo and Brandon Riesterwho served as A&R for this project.

The album also received its visual interpretation thanks to a documentary film “This Is Me…Now: A Love Story”, which was released on the Amazon Prime Video platform. The production, directed by Dave Meyers, is a story about love, as well as a “journey into the depths” of the star’s life and personality. Jennifer Lopez did not regret the creation of the special production, because she initially spent $20 million on its creation. Later, the project was taken over by producers from Amazon.

As announced, the film combines fantastic and real elements, and on the screen appears, among others: Jane Fonda and Trevor Noah.

The first single from the album is the song “Can’t Get Enough” with a self-ironic music video in which Jennifer Lopez gets married several times to different men. The first frame is a scene from a wedding during which the invited guests bet how long the couple will last. The wedding scenes are interspersed with JLo having fun, whose husbands change from time to time. When a star traditionally throws a bouquet, some women are reluctant to catch it because they think it is “cursed.” The personal music video refers to the great emotions that the star has evoked over the years through subsequent relationships and stormy breakups. The star knows what others think about her and is very determined not to give up this time and save the relationship.

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“Can’t Get Enough” contains a fragment of a great hit in the chorus Sean Paul’s “I’m Still in Love With You”. The album “This Is Me… Now” refers to the album “This Is Me… Then” released in 2003, which was devoted to the relationship with Ben Affleck – the same one she started dating again after many years. The actor officially became her husband in 2022. There will be a song dedicated to him on the album “Dear Ben”.

When “Then” was made, the couple was dating, but broke up shortly thereafter. After 20 years, they gave each other a second chance, which ended with a grand wedding. Therefore, it is impossible to erase the connection that exists between “Now” and “Then” from 21 years ago, as the singer herself says. “I think (the album) may surprise some people,” she told Variety at the Golden Globe Awards last Sunday. “It’s definitely a kind of meta story about the journey you have to take from heartbreak back to love. (…) In a way, I’m an expert in this (…). Not so much in marriage, but in vows,” she continued.

Let us remind you that the star had affairs with many stars, and he was her first husband Ojani Noa (1997-1998), later Chris Judd (from 2011 to 2003), then MarcAnthony (2004-2014), and in 2022 she married Affleck.

  1. “This Is Me…Now”
  2. “To Be Yours”
  3. “Mad in Love”
  4. “Can’t Get Enough”
  5. “Rebound”
  6. “not.going.anywhere.”
  7. “Dear Ben, Pt. II”
  8. “Hummingbird”
  9. “Hearts and Flowers”
  10. “Broken Like Me”
  11. “This Time Around”
  12. “Midnight Trip to Vegas”
  13. “Greatest Love Story Never Told”.

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