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Jacob Mendez

Michalina Łabacz: A great debut, after which she became silent. What is he doing now?

As the actress herself admits, she has always wanted to act making her dreams come true was not the easiest. She got into acting school only on her third attempt. She didn’t have a plan “B”, she wanted to keep trying until she succeeded. Where have we seen her so far and what was her career like?

Michalina Łabacz was born in 1992. To the Acting Department of the Theater Academy. She got into the Aleksandra Zelwerowicz Academy in Warsaw after the third attempt. She became recognizable thanks to the role of Zosia in Wojciech Smarzowski’s film entitled “Volhynia”. For this performance she was honored with the award for best acting debut. She was also nominated for Eagles in the categories “Best leading female role” and “Discovery of the year”.

In the following years, we could watch Michalina Łabacz in several good Polish series such as “Beak”, “Rojst”, “Under the surface”. The last time we saw the actress on the big screen was in a film “Wedding reception” Wojciech Smarzowski, in which she played the role of Kasia Wilk. Over the years, she has also performed on stage, including the Television Theater.

While the auditions for the film “Volhynia” were taking place, the young actress was only in her first year of studies. In an interview for Interia, the actress admitted that it was not a problem for her.

She also added:

“A lot of people told me that I was thrown into the deep end, but I couldn’t have dreamed of deeper water. My biggest dream came true, because I have always admired and valued Wojtek Smarzowski very much. His cinema is terrifying, but also intriguing and delightful, which made me want to enter this world even more.”

During this conversation, she emphasized that she would like to combine work in the theater and on film sets. She knows that it is difficult, because both of these activities are demanding and very engaging, but she would not like to give up anything. However, in recent years we have seen the actress much more often on the stages of the National Theater than on cinema or TV screens.

One of the last plays in which Michalina Łabacz appeared was “Tales of the Vienna Woods”, in which she played the role of Marianna. The heroine, Łabacz, wants great love and her dream is to start a dancing career. However, Marianna’s life will not be easy, and her rebellion against everything and everyone will not be effective.

The actress does not reveal too many details about her private life, and on her Instagram she mainly shares work-related photos: photos from performances, and from time to time photos from holidays.