Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

They have many fans in Poland. Airbag returns for three concerts

The new studio album “A Century Of The Self”, announced for summer, is promoted by the single “Erase” released in March. As part of the concert tour Airbag will perform at three performances in Poland. Concerts will take place in Gdańsk (October 17, Stary Maneż), Warsaw (October 18, Progresja) and Kraków (October 19, Kwadrat).

Gdańsk (seated) – PLN 159 / PLN 179 / PLN 199
Warsaw (standing) – PLN 159
Kraków (standing) – PLN 159.

They are currently forming a permanent team Bjørn Riis (guitar), Asle Tostrup (vocals) i Henrik Fossum (drums). Let us add that, apart from performing in Airbag, Riis is developing his solo career – in 2022 he released his fourth album “Everything To Everyone”.

The band was founded in 1994, initially being a typical cover band, playing songs including: PinkFloyd. At the turn of 2004-2005, Norwegian musicians adopted the name Airbag. Around the same time, the group, thanks to the Internet, released their first EP “Come On In”, which included four songs. The next EP/demo “Sounds That I Hear” was released in 2006, and in 2007 the last mini-album “Safetree”.

The group’s concert debut with its own material took place in 2007. Airbag musicians supported bands such as: Riverside, The Pineapple Thief Whether Gazpacho. The year 2009 was certainly a breakthrough for the Norwegians – it was then that the official debut of “Identity” was released. The next major albums were “All Rights Removed” (2011) and “The Greatest Show on Earth” (2013). In 2016, the fourth album “Disconnected” was released, containing six compositions connected by a common theme, and in 2020 “A Day at the Beach” appeared.

The ubiquitous influences of classical music, progressive rock, electronics and the Scandinavian “element of melancholy” are determinants of the band’s style. Critics look for influences in Airbag’s recordings, among others: Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Talk Talk, Radiohead or Norwegian I see.