Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

They even sold her underwear. Amy Winehouse’s furious father went to court

Let us recall that the British media reported the beginning of the case at the end of 2023. The Sun was the first to learn about the lawsuit at the time Mitch Winehouse. He accused two women – stylists Naomi Perry and the singer’s lover Catriona Gourlay – for misappropriating £3.3 million they received through the sale of privately related items at auction in Beverly Hills Amy Winehouseincluding her underwear.

The father of the deceased star believes that after the auction ends, the women should pay the money to the account of the foundation established in the singer’s honor, but this did not happen. The most expensive item sold at the time was the Perry dress that Amy wore during her final performance. It was sold for PLN 200,000. pounds. Mitch Winehouse filed claims in court for PLN 730,000. pounds.

“Amy’s heirs have wondered how these items came into the possession of Gourlay and Perry, but have not received satisfactory answers from them.” Therefore, a legal process has been initiated to clarify this situation,” the foundation’s statement read.

Defendants Perry and Gourlay claim that the items they sold came to them legally and were “generously gifted” by the Amy before death. What’s more, he had to know everything himself Mitch Winehouse.

Women had to give an explanation in court for each item they sold (there were 156 of them in total). They also commented on the claims of the singer’s father, calling the mentioned 730,000 pounds an amount “significantly exaggerated”. Both defendants also added that legal costs consumed most of the money they earned from the sale.

Both defendants also admitted that they had reached an agreement with Mitch Winehouse after her daughter’s death. Amy’s items were to stay with them as they organized a number of exhibitions about the singer’s life. Both of them were also involved in a project that created a book about the star’s life.

According to their reports, after the project was closed, they decided to part with some of their belongings. And it was when the items were sold that the singer’s father allegedly launched a “legal campaign” against the duo, which, as the accused themselves admit, “had a profound impact on them in their personal, professional and financial lives.”

Amy Winehouse she died on July 23, 2011, aged only 27. The cause of the star’s death was shock caused by alcohol poisoning after a period of abstinence. The author of the hit “Rehab” She struggled with alcoholism, drug addiction and bulimia.

Her albums and songs have received nearly 60 awards and nominations for the most prestigious music awards. For his second album “Back to Black” the singer won as many as five Grammy Awards, a record number ever awarded to a woman in one award.