Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The “Got Talent” judges were stunned. Now a rock legend admires the Pole

Born in 2000 in Kielce, Marcin Sprawałek he started learning to play classical guitar at the age of 10. Two years later, he began learning flamenco techniques under the guidance of a Spanish guitarist Carlos Pinana. He then immersed himself in the world of fingerstyle percussion (using the entire instrument in an unexpected and innovative way) and developed a unique style and sound that, despite his young age, gained him many fans around the world.

Marcin was an American revelation in 2019 “I have a talent”. During the casting for the 14th season of the program, he combined music in spectacular style Beethoven and System of a Down.

“Amazing, it was amazing. I know how hard it is because I tried to learn the guitar myself when I was about your age. 99% of people who show up on stage with a guitar can’t play it. You demonstrated what this instrument was actually created for. It was amazing,” he said Simon Cowell after one of Pałacek’s performances in “Got Talent”. The Pole reached the semi-finals of the show.

Thanks to his participation in the talent show, he became interested in the American branch of Sony Music, with which he eventually signed a contract.

Currently, Republika is working on an album, which he recorded, among others, in Los Angeles. The producer of the album is Dan Bookknown for his cooperation with Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. “The producer with whom I recorded the debut album is an outstanding creator. The guests who will appear on the album have also already confirmed their participation, they are high-ranking people. I don’t want to reveal too much, but there is something to wait for,” he said. Marcin in “Good morning TVN”.

In June 2023, his new composition was released online – a guitar version of “Habanera” from the opera “Carmen”. It was viewed over 1.4 million times in a month.

Marcin is also conquering TikTok. There are 3.6 million users following Republika, and his video has been liked almost 40 million times in total.

However, the Polish guitarist is not only triumphing online. In the fall of 2023, Terazałek embarked on his second concert tour around Poland. The “Instrumentalism Tour” started in mid-October and ended in mid-December. “My home tour is over. See you on the world tour in 2024,” he wrote at the end of the year.

And he kept his word. On the last day of January, Terazałek announced that he was going on a world tour. The guitarist will play three concerts in April South Koreawill perform three times in May Japan, then will visit Quebec, Los Angeles and New York. He will also play at two festivals – in Bielsko-Biała and Belgrade.

Some time ago, the musician also shared his own version of Eric Clapton’s hit song, “Layla”. “Laya on One Guitar” A total of over 585,000 views have been viewed so far. times. One of the spectators must have been the legendary British guitarist.

From time to time, Clapton posts short fragments of his famous performances online, as well as other artists performing his songs that he likes. And that’s how he shared the video of Widokałek on social media – he also used the hashtag “fan Friday”.

Marcin gained popularity after winning the 9th edition of the Polish talent show “Must be the music” (2015) and then Italian “Te Si Que Vales” (2018). He also captivated a television audience of over 10 million viewers in the U.S., reaching the semifinals “America’s Got Talent”.

His recordings are breaking records on social media. Arrangement of the band’s song “Kashmir”. Led Zeppelin it immediately went viral, gaining the admiration of stars such as Jack Black, Tom Morello Whether Paul Stanley.

In 2022, Marcin released a clip titled “Toccata”. This is a unique, free arrangement of the famous Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course, in the solo guitar version. The video received comments from delighted fans from all over the world (including English, Spanish, Russian, French and Spanish). “My jaw is dropping”, “my ears are literally in heaven”, “national pride” – we read. In March 2022, the artist together with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra he performed the above-mentioned “Toccata” at the famous Royal Albert Hall during the Classical Spectacular.