Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

There was a lot of talk about the star’s romance. She paid her ex a fortune

Let us remind you that in May 2021 Ariana Grande, which previously met, among others, With Big Sean, Pete Davidson and Mac Millergot married to Dalton Gomez. Ultimately, the marriage did not stand the test of time.

In 2023, the first rumors about a possible breakup of Grande and Gomez appeared. A few months later – in July 2023 – the rumors intensified, especially since the singer was caught without a wedding ring in the stands at Wimbledon. reported at the time that the first crisis occurred shortly after pandemic restrictions were lifted and the artist returned to her busy work schedule. After many months spent together during the pandemic, when everything slowly started to return to normal, it quickly turned out that their lifestyles were significantly different.

Gomez, who values ​​privacy very much, was greatly bothered by the attention of the press and the fact that they had less and less time for each other. The crisis deepened even more when Ariana Grande she went to London to film a musical “Wicked”.

Ultimately, they both came to the conclusion that the marriage had no future and decided to separate and start the divorce process. The singer officially submitted her documents in September. The reason for the breakup was “irreconcilable differences”.

“There is no bad blood between them. They were not in a hurry to file the lawsuit because they wanted to discuss everything calmly first. Before the wedding, they signed a prenuptial agreement, so the division of property should go smoothly,” said an informant to TMZ.

Grande and Gomez’s marriage officially ended by a decision of a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, March 19 – six months after the 30-year-old star filed for divorce. The former spouses managed to reach an agreement so quickly due to the contract concluded before the wedding and the lack of children.

As previously reported by the gossip media, the star agreed to pay her ex-husband $1.25 million. It is not known whether this amount was previously specified in the documents or whether it was a payment in exchange for silence about the relationship with the star reported by the portals (Gomez cannot publish any photos or video materials, nor can he give interviews about her).

It is known, however, that Grande must also hand over half of the proceeds from the sale of the house they share in Los Angeles and will pay Gomez’s attorneys’ fees ($25,000).

Let us recall that as soon as the first information about the couple’s breakup appeared, rumors quickly began that it was not just about character differences. The star was supposed to have an affair with a married actor Ethan Slaterwith whom he stars in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical “Wicked”. After the sensational reports became public, Slater also filed for divorce. This marked the end of his over 10-year relationship with LillyJay.

“It’s terrible. They have been in love since high school. They have a child together. (Lilly) is in bad shape,” People magazine reported. The betrayed wife also spoke out. “This is actually Ariana’s story. She is not interested in other women. My family is just an accidental victim,” she commented.

Finally, many months later, on March 8, 2024, Ariana Grande released a new album. In 13 songs, the singer decided to open up about her divorce and new relationship. Fans quickly began to analyze the singer’s songs and eventually targeted her new partner, Ethan Slater.

Shortly after the premiere, the singer had to appeal to fans to stop harassing “people close to her” with hateful messages.

“I would just like to write that whoever sends hateful messages to important people in my life, which you base on your own interpretation of my last album, does not support me at all, and is doing the completely opposite of what I encouraged (and completely misreads the intentions behind behind my music),” she wrote.

“I’m asking you to stop doing this. It doesn’t support me. On the contrary. Although I capture many painful moments in my album, it is also made of deep love,” she concluded.