Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Voice Kids”: Viewers criticize coaches’ decisions. “Some failure”

The next edition started at the end of February “The Voice Kids”, in which participants aged 8-14 compete. Down Cleo and Baron and Tomson from Group Afromental she joined as a trainer Natasza Urbańskawhich replaced Dawid Kwiatkowski.

There was no shortage of emotions in Saturday’s episode, but only two participants turned all the seats around. For some viewers, the omission was a big disappointment Zuzanna Sofie Jakubowskiwho sang the song in the program “Supergirl” from the repertoire of the German group Reamonn (check!).

“But she has a voice,” she gushed backstage Ida Nowakowskahowever, none of the coaches decided to press the red button.

“The voice is still shaking,” Tomson commented in a conversation with Baron.

“This edition is a failure on the part of the jurors”, “The program is going to the dogs”, “What was that supposed to mean on Zuzia? On a small child they are the first to turn away, and on a pretty voice they are criticized for the smallest detail. Set up like I don’t know”, “Zuzia “she sang much better and nicer” – we can read in the comments published by Internet users on “The Voice Kids” profiles.