Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The star of a cult film in Poland! Greg Sestero will show us “The Room”

This will be Sestero's first visit to our country. The actor will take part in a series of “The Room” shows, after which he will meet the audience and answer their questions.

For two decades, Sestero has been diligently distancing himself from Tommy Wiseau's magnum opus, called the worst film in the history of mankind. He wrote the book “The Disaster Artist”, in which he revealed the absurd behind-the-scenes of the work's creation and the nuances of cooperation with the director. This was made into a film as much better than “The Room”, nominated for an Oscar movie with a star cast and direction James Franco.

Sestero has had a modeling career and roles in dozens of films and TV series, including two parts of “Best F(r)iends” directed by Wiseau. In 2021, he made his directorial debut. His “Miracle Valley” is a tribute to the grindhouse exploitation cinema of the 1970s, inspired by the true story of a sect roaming the Arizona desert. He is currently working on another film titled “Forbidden Sky”.

The story of a crystal good, handsome, funny and honest banker who is betrayed by his fiancée and friend. The American media wrote that “Citizen Kane “B” cinema. One of the absolute worst films in the world, an anti-masterpiece, an exemplary, multi-level example of how not to make films. A cult film and so bad that it's good.

Tommy Wiseau is one of the main roles, director, screenwriter and producer. For The Room, he was also the founder of the production company, president, executive director, legal department, brand manager and everything you could imagine.

The Best of the Worst is a nationwide series of screenings of broadly understood B-class cinema. Its screenings have been held regularly since 2015. Viewers could see such classics as “Samurai Cop”, “Troll 2” and “Final Justice”, among others.