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“Betrayal”: Who does Paweł Małaszyński play? Actor in a new psychological thriller

Paweł Małaszyński he got into theater school the third time, and in the meantime he studied law at the University of Białystok. While still a student, he appeared on stage, but he made his official debut on June 28, 2003 in the double role of Trufaldin and Harlequin in “Servants of Two Masters” by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Waldemar Matuszewski on the stage of the Kwadrat Theater in Warsaw.

He started his acting career with appearances in “For good and for bad” and “Chameleons”. He played a bigger role”M like love“, where he played the role of Marcin Polański-Van Burgen – the first love played by Małgorzata Kożuchowska Hanka Mostowiak. Later, he almost did not leave the screens for several years. He played, among others, in “Officer”, “Magda M.”, “Twarzą in the face” or “Time of Honor”. Suddenly, Małaszyński disappeared from the screens and did not appear in film or series productions for several years, and also withdrew from show business.

Currently, the actor cannot complain about boredom. Last year he returned to the small and big screen. Viewers warmly welcomed his roles in “War Girls” and “Friends”. He recently appeared in the series “The Century of the Guilty” and the films: “Where the devil can't go, there's a woman he'll send – the secrets of Polish fortunes” and “Różyczka 2”. A new production with his participation – the film “Uncalculated” – will soon debut on Prime Video.

The largest project with Małaszyński's participation is the hot new Polsat Box Go – the series “Zdrada”.

What is the new psychological thriller about?Betrayal“? Julia (Anna Karczmarczyk) is an introverted, hypersensitive artist-photographer, the mother of several-year-old Maurycy and the wife of an ambitious and success-seeking prosecutor, Patryk (Dawid Ogrodnik). When Julia goes out to take a break from the crowd at the opening of her works, she meets Paweł (played by Paweł Małaszyński). The devastating first impression makes these two – even though they know that they can deeply hurt their loved ones – unable to resist the chemistry and the emerging violent feeling. This is dangerous, not least because they can destroy their families. They are not aware of the dependencies that connect them.

In a conversation with Interia, Paweł Małaszyński explained the features of the hero he portrays on screen. Who is Paweł played by him? “(His) life turns upside down one day when he meets Ania Karczmarczyk, Julia from the series. Indeed, our heroes will have to make many important decisions about how to lead their lives. But it's not just about the situation between me and Ania, but also about other characters, because the title “Betrayal” in the case of our series has many levels. All characters will have to face the consequences of their decisions at different stages of their lives,” said the actor.

Małaszyński also revealed the behind-the-scenes of his involvement in the series. He admitted that it was the script that convinced him to appear in the production. “I was given a few episodes to read and I liked it. I liked the story, it was quite risky to tell, quite difficult, but I told myself: if you fall, you must fall off your high horse. Then, above all, I was convinced by the cast, because the actors were really well chosen.” – he said.

“I think it will be a very suspenseful, no-holds-barred ride,” the actor concluded.

The series “Zdrada” from May 10 on Polsat Box Go.

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