Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The Polish legend returns to Woodstock 2024 (Pol’and’Rock Festival). “Dreams come true”

So far, we have mainly met foreign stars – w Czaplinek in days August 1-3 Americans from the metalcore group will play Motionless in White (Look!)German formation Electric Callboy (listen!)which combines electronic music, pop and heavy rock sounds, a French celtic-punk band Celkiltexotic Myrath from Tunisia, Americans from Less Than Jake, family trio from Mexico – The Warninglegend of the New York hardcore scene – Sick Of It All, returning to the party after 15 years Jurek Owsiak Swedish group Clawfinger (check!) and Germany with Guano Apes.

While Pol’and’Rock Festival will also present themselves Kasia Kowalska and the team Flapjack (listen!)who will play on the Small Stage.

There are many indications that the 30th anniversary edition will be full of returns. See who appeared in the latest ads.

“A great return after 10 years to play his fourth concert at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! This is definitely one of the legends of Polish pop music! Get ready for an unforgettable experience,” we read.

We are talking about the one commanded by Muniek Staszczyk group T. Lovewhich last time on Woodstock stop (this was the previous name of the event) played in 2014 in Kostrzyn nad Odrą. The band reactivated in 2022, releasing a new album “Hau! Hau”, for which it received two Fryderyk nominations. The release, awarded with a gold record, produced the hits “Pochodnia” (z Kasia Sienkiewicz from Group Apple Blossom), “The Grim Reaper” and “I Love You”.

– T.Love has always been a band that, to put it trivially, gave people a pill, a bullet of love. Positive vibrations. These are clichéd words, but people always left our concerts smiling, Muniek said in an interview with Interia.

“Hau! Hau” was recorded by the band responsible for the success of the memorable album “King” from 1992 with guitarists Jan Benedek and Jacek “Perkoz” Perkowski.

“Amazing”, “Dreams come true”, “How wonderful, I can’t wait”, “With the flag under the stage, see you”, “A moment worth living for”, “And this is an announcement worthy of the anniversary” – fans comment .

As it turns out, this will not be the only comeback – after almost 10 years, the group will also play again Flogging Molly“masters of Celtic punk rock from Los Angeles”.

The group was founded in 1997 by an Irish immigrant, guitarist and vocalist DaveKing and an American violinist Bridget Reagan. Their band’s music is punk rock enriched with Celtic instruments – violin, mandolin and accordion – and a combination of blues progressions with the roar of guitars and traditional Irish music.

“We are not a traditional band. Traditional music influenced us and was a source of inspiration for us, but there is no doubt that we give it our own, special character,” explains King, born in Dublin.

“In Ireland, you go to the pub to talk. That’s what we do every night on stage – we go to the pub and exchange stories,” emphasizes frontman Flogging Molly.

In 2023 for the second time in a row Pol’and’Rock Festival took place in Czaplinek (Broczyno airport) in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Drawsko County, between the Drawsko and Czaplino lakes. According to declarations from a year ago, this is where the 30th anniversary edition will be organized. Lately Jurek Owsiak signed an agreement with the mayor of Czaplinek to lease this area until 2026.

Last year, Czaplinek featured, among others: American bands Biohazard and Spin DoctorsFrench manufacturer Carpenter Brut, Napalm Death (legend of the grindcore scene from Great Britain), British bands Apollo 440 and While She Sleepsa Welsh band Bullet For My Valentinea band from Switzerland Saint City OrchestraFrench Rise of the Northstar, The Scratch (hailed as one of the boldest Irish debuts in recent years), Steve ‘n’ SeagullsAustralians from The RumjacksUkrainian group Luik and Epica – Dutch star of symphonic metal.

They were Polish stars Beard, Krzysztof Zalewski, Marek Dyjak and groups LemON, Proletariat, Lady Pank, Golden Life, Hairy, Transgression and winners of the Golden Spinning Top: Apple Blossom and Pull The Wire. The festival ended traditionally Piotr Bukartyk together with the workshop participants with the piece “From So Many Clouds”.

In 2021, the festival was organized at the former Makowice-Płoty airport (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). In accordance with the restrictions at that time, 20,000 people attended the party. people.

Previously (in the years 2004-2019) the event was held in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in the province. Lubuskie. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an online version was organized in 2020 in a Warsaw studio under the banner The most beautiful house party in the world. Previous locations – as Woodstock stop – these are Czymanowo on Lake Żarnowieckie (1995), Szczecin (1996) and Żary (1997-1999, 2001-2003). In 2000, Dziki Przystanek Woodstock took place in Lębork (the official event was canceled after protests from some of the town’s inhabitants).