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Jacob Mendez

“First Love”: episode 3782, 3783, 3784. Barbara wants to take Kacper away

“First Love” is a Polish series, which premiered on November 4, 2004. Since then, viewers have been following the fate of their favorite characters. During this time, a lot has changed in the plot of the series – the characters matured, changed partners, children were born and grew up. However, the series still has crowds of loyal fans.

The series “First Love” presents the story of Marysia. Two decades ago, the girl came to the big city to pursue her dreams. Today, she is a valued doctor and Julka’s mother. The action takes place in Wrocław and Wadlewo. It concerns the fate of Marysia, her family and friends, as well as enemies. In the series, apart from the everyday adventures of the characters, there are dramatic events that they have to deal with. What will happen in the episode? 3782, 3783 and 3784 “First Love”?

In episode 3782 of the series “First Love”, the entire Wadlewo slowly turns away from Aniela. The residents accuse her of attacking other people’s husbands. Kulas must take sides. He is in love with Aniela, but will he stand against the entire village and admit his feelings for her?

Meanwhile, Oskar and Kalina finally find a home for their family. When they decide to buy, Krystian suddenly speaks up. His demands destroy Kalina and Oskar’s vision of a happy future. Brian, on the other hand, decides to infuse his co-workers with optimism. He performs a mysterious ritual that aims to enlighten Artur and Ola. When Karol shows up at the office, the ceremony takes an unexpected turn…

In episode 3783 “First love” Marysia begins to guess Kacper’s grandmother’s plan – Barbara wants to distance her from her grandson. In this situation, Maria asks Grażyna for help. However, there is little the clinic director can do. Is Marysia about to lose Kacper for good?

Karol, on the other hand, sends his employees to look for new investments. Meanwhile, Artur is going through a crisis and doesn’t think about work at all. Everything will change when he goes to Wadlewo. Krystian, on the other hand, is fighting hard for custody of Marlenka. He meets with Kalina, who does not want to agree to it after her daughter was kidnapped. The child’s father threatens to take her to court. He stealthily obtains information that he shouldn’t share with anyone. Krystian wants to pit Kalina and Oscar against each other.

In episode 3784 of the series “First Love”, Marysia decides to fight for leaving Kacper in the clinic.. Barbara wants to take him out of Poland. Maria is helped by Grażyna, but it is not known whether her authority as the head of the clinic will do anything.

Meanwhile, Kalina learns that her latest business project is in doubt. It has competition in the form of Weksler’s company. He calls Oskar, who knows nothing about the fact that he is competing with his beloved. Krystian’s plan to break up the couple begins to work. Meanwhile, a poacher appeared in Wadlewo. Despite Aniela’s doubts, Kulas decides to catch him personally.

“First Love” can be watched on Polsat from Monday to Friday at 6:00 p.m. Each episode lasts 33 minutes. Here are the broadcast days of the episodes summarized above:

  • “First love”, episode 3782 – Monday, March 25, 2024;
  • “First love”, episode 3783 – Tuesday, March 26, 2024;
  • “First love”, episode 3784 – Wednesday, March 27, 2024.

You can catch up on overdue episodes on the Polsat Go platform.

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