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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Night Agent”: Everything we know about season 2 of the Netflix series. Hang in there, it's going to be fantastic

“The Night Agent” unexpectedly turned out to be one of the biggest hits on Netflix (and not only in 2023). From week to week, the series went like a storm and broke new popularity records. No wonder – the combination of fast-paced action, nice characters and an interesting intrigue turned out to be a hit, and fans are eagerly waiting for the new installment.

“The Night Agent” is an action thriller with a complex plot with well-drawn characters based on the novel by Matthew Quirk. It tells the story of low-ranking FBI agent Peter Sutherland, who is on duty in the basement of the White House with a phone that never rings… until one night it finally does, and he falls into the vortex of a dangerous conspiracy leading to the Oval Office itself.

“The Night Agent” debuted on Netflix on March 23, 2023, quickly ranking at the top of the platform's most-watched productions at that time. So far, it has been extremely popular, and fans are waiting for new episodes. According to the latest reports, the premiere of the latest series would take place later this year.

What's more, new news is coming from the set. As we already know, at the beginning of February, Brittany Snow, Berto Colon, Louis Herthum, Arienne Mandi and Teddy Sears joined the cast, and each subsequent season, as announced by the creator of the production – Shawn Ryan – will be a separate, independent story in which the viewers, too, and Peter Sutherland will meet new characters.

Now we have more information from the set of the second series. As reported by Variety, the cast has been expanded with new names. Marwan Kenzari, Elise Kibler and Dikran Tulaine joined the series. The first of them will play the role of Reza, a new night agent who has a mysterious past and some things on his conscience. Kibler will play Sloane, a bright and intelligent woman in a rather problematic relationship. Dikran Tulaine is Viktor – a dangerous man who will make life miserable for our heroes.

Gabriel Basso he is an actor who doesn't enjoy hanging out on walls, and in his career he has starred in productions such as “Kings of Summer”, “The R Word”, “In the Name of Truth” or “Elegy for Bidocks”and later – for some time – he abandoned acting. Basso loves martial arts, and in his free time… he paints. His drawings can be seen on Instagram, where he runs the son.sonofnone account. In March this year returned to the screens in the series “The Night Agent”which week by week became one of the most watched series Netflix in history.

Recently, in an interview with Interia, Basso talked about his expectations for the second season.

“I would like to see how Peter copes with his new position. Now he is an agent dependent on the authorities – he cannot ask questions. How will he cope with this? The American government has invested in him, so Peter is an asset and a tool of people at the highest levels of power. What if “If this tool isn't doing its job, it… can be removed. So we have much bigger problems on the horizon. Peter also has skills that could prove dangerous in such an environment, and he himself… is quite scary.”

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