Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The new “Predator” is coming! Starring Elle Fanning

At the beginning of this year, Disney announced that it wanted to develop the universe “Predator”. Now Deadline reports that Elle Fanningthe star of the “Maleficent” series, will appear in the next installment of “Predator”, but it will not be a continuation of the 2022 film “Prey”.

The latest film in the “Predator” series will be subtitled “Badlands”, and filming for this production will begin this fall. Dan Trachtenberg will be the director and this time he decided to cast more recognizable faces.

According to reports, Elle Fanning is a fan of the series, which may or may not bode well for the latest continuation of the series. The actress is still discussing the details of the contract, but once an agreement is reached, work on the film should accelerate significantly.

Trachtenberg reunited with Patrick Aison, with whom he collaborated on “Prey.” “Badlands” is not the only project in this universe being developed, but it is currently the priority.

Many details about the new film are not yet known, but sources indicate that the action will not be set in the past, as was the case in “Prey”. We also don't know whether the film will be available for streaming immediately.