Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

In Opole, she received a wave of criticism. What did Kayah reveal after the festival?

Kayah in a duet with Andrzej Piaseczny she hosted the Friday Premiere concert in Opole. Her emcee met with a wave of criticism from viewers and Internet users. Now the singer has revealed what the entire festival looked like from her perspective.

In her Instagram post, the artist thanked those who watched over her performance. At the same time revealing what emotions accompanied her off stage. It turns out that the singer was not only affected by debutant stage fright. Kayah is also struggling with a spine and hip injury. During rehearsals, she had to use a cane to support herself.

“So it will be about a dress… and what kind of dress! A fabric warehouse had to be robbed especially for the opening of the festival in Opole. There were two villains. Me and an amazing Konrad Bikowski. An extraordinary character. A total enthusiast of tailoring, the art of tailoring tailored to theatrical creations, an artist, a visionary, a wizard for whom nothing is impossible. And yet this phenomenal dress seemed so,” Kayah began her post.

The singer's creation was made of two 50-meter-long rolls of tulle and one 30-meter-long organdy.

“We had a vision of creating something like a sculpture, an architectural constellation, a spatial arrangement worthy of the Met Gala. Once in my life, I wanted to have an Oscar dress and believe me, I felt like a princess,” she admitted, adding that dreams of a beautiful evening dress often collided with stage reality.

“It happens that the appearance comes at the cost of great discomfort. I have no experience with corsets and trains, so it was a doubly difficult task for me. A narrow passage on the stage, along which I had to move, being careful not to tear the train due to the sharp angles of the stage stairs it was acrobatics. Remembering the diction, the order of the concert, not omitting any of the presenter's lines, and controlling the air time and presence was a great challenge. I didn't complain, but now I can admit that I still rehearsed with a cane because my beloved dog three months ago. he pulled me so hard while walking that he damaged my spine and hip. Walking straight in high heels in a heavy dress was extremely difficult for me, if it weren't for the fact that every time I left the stage, Konrad stood behind me like a guardian angel, correcting me ruffles and encouraging me, I think I would have cried,” she confessed.

In an Instagram post, Kayah revealed that all the hosts' statements were scripted.

“The important thing is that as amateurs we didn't make any mistakes, maybe apart from a few stutters. But that was due to stress. Nobody is perfect. Maybe apart from Konrad Bikowski,” she said.