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Jacob Mendez

“The Irish Wish”: Is the new movie with Lindsay Lohan worth watching?

  • Irish wish” With Lindsay Lohan Starring is a new romantic comedy that debuted on Netflix. The film was directed by Janeen Damian.
  • When the love of Maddie’s (Lindsay Lohan) life becomes engaged to her best friend, she puts her feelings aside to become a bridesmaid at the couple’s wedding in Ireland. A few days before the wedding, Maddie makes a wish and wakes up the next day as a bride. When the dream seems to come true, Maddie realizes that her true soul mate is someone completely different – reads the official Netflix description.
  • “The Irish Wish” is a bad movie, but it provides a lot of entertainment. Apart from the nonsensical plot, the Netflix novelty has no shortage of stunning shots straight from Ireland. Moreover, it is great proof that any actor can settle down after media scandals and find the type of production that will help his career gain momentum again.

Maddie (Lindsay Lohan) is secretly in love with the author of the book she worked on with him – Paul (Alexander Vlahos). He will soon marry her friend, Emma (Elizabeth Tan). The wedding will take place in Ireland. Unhappy Maddie thoughtlessly makes a wish – she wants to marry Paul. Magically, the main character’s reality changes and her intention is fulfilled.

“The Irish Wish” is a Netflix romantic comedy aimed at a mass audience. It should interest, entertain and not require too much intellectual effort. It fulfills its role perfectly. Ultimately, it’s entertaining nonsense wrapped in beautiful shots that are a perfect advertisement for Ireland.

As I mentioned, “The Irish Wish” is quite a pleasant proposition for a weekend afternoon. All you need to do is turn off your thinking and turn a blind eye to the senselessness of most of the characters’ decisions.

The very idea of ​​the film is stupid. Maddie’s wish is a teenage fantasy about a man she doesn’t even know. Of course, their relationship has no right to exist and the main character finds out about it quite quickly – what a surprise!

The plot with the second man, James (Ed Speleers), accidentally met on the bus, had greater potential for an interesting development. This is probably the only character in whom you can find a real internal conflict, ambiguous emotions and dilemmas. Unfortunately, the portrayal of Maddie’s relationship with the stranger also has its flaws. Our main character tends to be infatuated with men she knows absolutely nothing about, and bases her feelings mainly on her imagination. And this is what the entire plot of “The Irish Wish” is based on.

Once you stop wondering about the meaning of the main characters’ relationships, you can have quite a lot of fun. “The Irish Wish” is, above all, a fantastic advertisement for Ireland as a tourist destination. The film contains many scenes surrounded by nature and impressive cliffs. watching a movie I want to leave everything and go to the Green Island.

Other than that, I think Lindsay Lohan has found the type of movies she works quite well in. Previously a Christmas production, now an undemanding romantic comedy – the 37-year-old actress, after a turbulent life as a scandalist, has settled down not only privately, but also professionally. She doesn’t push herself towards ambitious titles in which she probably wouldn’t perform well, she focuses on light and pleasant films for the masses in which she can play the leading role.

To sum up, “The Irish Wish” is a bad movie, but one that can be enjoyed. It worked perfectly for me as a weekend anti-ageing agent.


“The Irish Wish”, dir. Janeen Damian. Release date on Netflix: March 15, 2024

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