Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A TVN viewer reported Kupicha. Painful consequences

Piotr Kupicha is the band’s frontman Feel, who has been triumphing on the Polish stage for over 15 years. During their time there, the group became one of the most popular pop-rock groups.

The singer has never hidden that he likes to take advantage of the opportunities his career gives him. Once, as a guest of the “Dzień Dobry TVN” program, he had the opportunity to ride an extremely fast and expensive Ferrari California. As he confessed in an interview with Łukasz Bąk from the “Auto Świat PitStop” program, the ride cost him his driving license. “I took a ride in a Ferrari. There were plenty of cameras and I had the opportunity to take a ride in a Ferrari California. And I talked to a journalist. He was in the passenger seat. (…) A very nice conversation. I was driving around. A solid line here, a dashed line here. I’m a little concerned about this one. I crossed the continuous road. Here, an arrow went out, I turned right. So how…?” – he recalled.

Shortly afterwards, he received a summons to the police station in his hometown of Katowice. “And you say: ‘This is where I have to carry out the normal procedure, because a report was sent that you were driving a car around Warsaw on ‘Dzień Dobry TVN’,” Kupicha said.

“I said: ‘Oh yes’. ‘And here I got 16 points’. I said, but what is it 16 points for? ‘Okay, Mr. Piotr, this is the usual procedure. I’ll have a blank driving license, please, we’ll cut it off’. So I already had 10 points plus these 16 points. For the birthday ride in ‘Dzień Dobry TVN’. I meet Marcin Prokop and I ask: ‘Tell me this…'” – he recalled the events from years ago.

The star of the band Feel is almost certain that it happened because one of the viewers reported him for breaking the rules. “Listen, I just live in such a world,” he said. “In my media, a bit nasty, a bit lovely, where someone just sits on the couch and watches you drive a car and then reports it to the police. He writes down all the things that I just talked about in this interview, not everything I noticed that exactly. And I got 16 points. It was validated. And at that moment I lost my driving license,” he concluded.