Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The Ich Troje star went to college, but now he has dropped out. “A midlife crisis”

“The midlife crisis manifests itself in various ways. For example, at the age of 54… I became a student of the Lodz University of Technology, specifically the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. In 2024, I will watch Juwenalia from the other side of the stage!” – he wrote in August last year Jacek Łągwa on social media. The mysterious post started wondering about the fans of his work Three of themwhether this sometimes means that the artist will take a break from music, it turned out, however, that during the pandemic the musician decided to find a profession other than music that would allow him to work if he could not return to concerts.

Now it turns out that although Łągwa, who was optimistic about the idea of ​​studying, really wanted to continue his education, he had to interrupt it. The artist, eager for knowledge, studied hard, but his path was hindered by laboratories taking place on weekends, which is when the Ich Troje band usually gives concerts.

“I had to quit my studies because they interfered too much with work. Unfortunately, as I expected, it was impossible to combine studying with concerts. The biggest problem turned out to be the laboratories,” he says in an interview with “Fakt”.

“It’s about physics laboratories, because most of the subjects were no problem, I could get along with the professors and go to classes during the week. In the case of laboratories, this is not possible, because there are too few places and too many students, so I just can’t do it. there is nowhere to seat them, and classes are held only on Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, you have to pass all the laboratories, and if you fail at least one, you automatically fail the semester. It was impossible to reconcile it, so unfortunately I resigned,” he explains.

The decision to study was, after all, quite a good idea, because Łągwa met many interesting people and got answers to some of his questions. “It was an interesting adventure, maybe when I retire from music, I will return to the university and finish my studies,” the artist jokes.

Jacek Łągwa has a lot of work, because together with Ich Troje they are working on the new, eleventh album of the group. They are planning an album consisting of 14 songs, and its premiere is to take place in 2024. He approaches his work with a distance, and the slow work on the album results from the desire to maintain at least a pinch of harmony in life. “I will say this, with age, the need for peace and quiet increases and this rush is not advisable,” says Łągwa.