Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The hit “Give Me This Night” conquered Poland. Some are ashamed, everyone knows

The originator and founder of the group Bolter was Sławomir Sokołowski – producer, composer and vocalist. He has previously worked with groups Tact, Stress and Spirituals and Gospel Singersin which they sang Halina Zimmermann and Anna Jurksztowicz. With the latter, Bolter recorded the first two songs “How to Believe” and “Stay, Wait”.

However, the band achieved its greatest success with Halina Zimmermann behind the microphone. She was the one who sang in the song “Give me this night” (check!)with which Bolter conquered the stage National Festival of Polish Song in Opole in 1985, although the critics’ opinions were quite clear. It was said that the song was “kitsch” and the lyrics were “hopelessly stupid”. The audience had a different opinion and immediately fell in love with “Give Me This Night”.

“There was a moment when we had contracted 500 concerts,” recalled Sławomir Sokołowski.

The author of the criticized text was Andrzej Sobczak, born in Poznań, author and cabaret performer, columnist, creator of radio and television programs, as well as author of fairy tales. He worked, among others, in a duet with Andrzej Kosmala (manager and collaborator for many years Krzysztof Krawczyk) as Adam Jarek.

Sobczak already had two great hits, which are still musical symbols of the 80s – the ballad “Adult Children” Poznań group Turbo and “Przyżyj to sam” by Lombard.

“The song ‘Przeżyj to sam’ saved Andrzej in a difficult life situation, it saved me many times. I can say with full responsibility that this song helped me survive the most difficult moments in the 40-year history of Lombard,” says the leader of this group on Radio Poznań Grzegorz Stróżak.

Check out the text “Przeżyj to sam” on!

Returning to the Bolter group, the great success also turned out to be a curse – Halina Zimmermann left the band, choosing a family. She replaced her Iwona Maciejewska-Szramaccompanied by a vocalist and drummer Jan Zieliński.

Sławomir Sokołowski in the late 1990s, together with Aldona Dąbrowska founded the first Polish boy band – Just 5. In later years, he was also the originator of the group The Jet Set (Poland’s representative at Eurovision 2007), he also collaborated with, among others, Michał Szpak, Maryla Rodowicz and Stachursky.

After years, Bolter presented a refreshed version of his greatest hit along with a new music video. The clip was directed by Sławomir Sokołowski. The new version is responsible for the rejuvenated composition of Karolina Supron as a vocalist. It has previously appeared on albums by such diverse artists as, among others: Gienek Loska Band, Maciej Maleńczuk, Stanisława Celińska, De Mono Whether Fears on Lachy. The band announces that they are already preparing their premiere songs.

“It’s like blowing the dust off an old album. It’s great that there is another version of this song, it’s nice that it’s more party-like”, “Brilliant, I’m excited”, “I love it”, “Awesome” – Internet users are delighted with the new version “Give me this one night”.