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Jan Holoubek and Filip Pławiak for Interia about “Rojst. Millenium”

From February 28 on Netflix we can watch the final season of one of the best, most popular Polish crime series. “Rojst. Millennium” closes the threads, completes the stories of key characters and is a perfect example of how series finales should be created.

What is the latest story about?Rojst“? People are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new millennium. Meanwhile, in the forest in Gronty, the skeleton of a woman with a necklace is unearthed, and a murder takes place during a birthday banquet at the “Centrum” hotel. What and who is behind all these events? The story goes back to the 1960s to find the key to the crime mystery.

The director is Jan Holoubek, and the cast includes real stars, including: Janusz Gajos, Tomasz Schuchardt, Filip Pławiak and Marianna Gierszewska, Michalina Łabacz and Konrad Eleryk, as well as characters that viewers have become familiar with in previous seasons, played by: Dawid Ogrodnik, Magdalena Różczka, Łukasz Simlat and Andrzej Seweryn.

Just before the premiere of the final season of “Rojsta”, Jan Holoubek and Filip Pławiak in an interview with Interia, they revealed the behind-the-scenes of working on the set. Pławiak plays the younger version of the Cauldron Manager (the older version of the hero is played by Piotr Fronczewski). It is impossible not to notice that the actor’s voice in the series was modified. Turns out that’s it the effect of combining Pławiak’s timbre with Fronczewski’s voice from years ago.

“We used a technology called respeecher. It is Filip’s voice, but modulated into Piotr Fronczewski’s voice from the 1970s. We used old recordings of Piotrek Fronczewski from when he was Filip’s age. (…) It is very important that it is not there is a 1:1 voice of Piotr Fronczewski, but it is a kind of mix between Filip and Piotr,” said Jan Holoubek in a conversation with Justyna Miś from Interia.

The creator further justifies this decision: “Piotr Fronczewski’s voice is his special mark, his calling card, so to deprive him of even a hint of this color in his youth would be strange,” he says.

Filip Pławiak joined the “Rojst” team in the final season. He appears in scenes that are flashbacks to the life of the Cauldron Manager. Thanks to them, we learn about the hero’s story. In an interview with Interia, Pławiak talked about preparing for the role.

“For me, the most important thing is always the script, so that’s what I focused on. I was wondering what this character is like, what’s going on emotionally. How he moves, how he smokes a cigarette, how he looks…” – he explains.

Interestingly, one of the elements of the rich make-up was an attached nose. The final effect is admirable. Filip Pławiak’s appearance in “Rojście. Millenium” is incredibly close to what Piotr Fronczewski looked like in his youth.

“I think Filip had a very difficult task ahead of him, because he’s not a nice guy. He’s a bit of a scoundrel from this Cauldron. Despite what is probably the most difficult thing and what Filip managed to achieve, we like him. Even though he’s a bit of a scoundrel, we understand him, we like him and we even support him. This is the most difficult thing in creating the role of a villain,” Jan Holoubek praises the actor.

“Rojst. Millenium” is available on Netflix.

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