Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The first day of the Orange Warsaw Festival. It started on a grand scale

David Tyszkowski he started calmly, trying to put the audience in the right mood. Tommy Cashknown for his unusual costumes and performances, managed to get the crowd into the party despite momentary energy drops.

No surprise Apple Blossom filled the tent to the brim. The Polish duo, adored by domestic fans, attracted a large audience who sang their hits with enthusiasm. New arrangements of well-known songs interested the audience, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Kwiat Jabłoni proved that their music has a unique power to connect people and put them in a great mood.

He was the first to perform on the main stage Ken Carson, who immediately captivated the audience with his energy and charisma. The rapper, known from last year's performance at Open'er, once again proved that he can get the crowd going. There were even mosh pits in front of the stage, which he also tried to organize Tommy Cash at his concert, but with poor results.

Already after the first song it was clear that the first day of the festival belonged Yungblud, which put the audience into a state of euphoria from the very beginning. The artist thanked Polish fans and encouraged them to participate in the upcoming elections, which was met with great enthusiasm. The counterweight was, unfortunately, the performance Skepty – the rapper seemed absent at times, and although he became more and more confident with each subsequent song, he did not fully spread his wings on stage.

The highlight of the evening was the performance The Prodigy, which closed the first day of the festival on the big stage in a spectacular way. Their stage experience and energy ensured that the audience had a great time. For dessert, festival goers got one last performance under a tent. Frost showed class and ended the day on a high level, playing his energetic songs that warmed up the crowd until late at night. This is what I call finishing with a bang.

Postponement of the concert Yeat on the second day of the festival was a surprise, but organizers provided free entry on Saturday for 1-day ticket holders, which was met with mixed reactions. However, despite this, the first day turned out to be a success.

Orange Warsaw Festival 2024 started on a grand scale, promising even more musical emotions and unforgettable moments. We are looking forward to the second day of the festival, which promises to be equally exciting, with performances by artists such as Kaśka Sochacka, Jessie Ware, Omar Apollo, Jungle, Troye Sivan Whether Nicki Minaj.

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