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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Farm” season 3: When is the finale and who has the best chance of winning?

“Farm” is a type of TV show reality showin which there are a dozen or so people moves to a farm devoid of electricity, internet and other amenities. “The Farm” participants must perform tasks typical of this place, such as caring for farm animals or growing plants.

Elimination tasks decide who is eliminated from the program. The winner of “The Farm” is selected in the finale by viewers’ votes. The winner receives the title “Super Farmer”, Golden Forks and a cash prize of 100 thousand zlotys.

“Farm” is a program full of exciting moments and unexpected twists. It’s all thanks to the competing participants. Last season, Tomasz Wędony from Żory won. Who has the greatest chance of winning the third edition of the program? There are several favorites for the title of “Super Farmer”.

One of the most frequently chosen people as the winner of “The Farm” is Renia. The participant has proven many times that she is not afraid of hard work on the farm. In addition, she gained the favor of many TV viewers.

Fans of “Farm” also see this in the finale Małgorzata. Margo is described as a hard-working and loyal person. For this reason, many viewers keep their fingers crossed that Margaret will win the program.

He is also one of the audience’s favorites Marcin. Fans “Farms” they appreciate the man, among other things, for his honesty and positive approach.

Third edition of “Farm” premiered on television January 8, 2024. Polsat Box Go users could watch the reality show a few days earlier. “The Farm” has 40 episodes and is broadcast at 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday on Polsat. Taking this information into account, Viewers will be able to watch the season finale on Friday, March 1.

It’s worth mentioning that the final episode of “The Farm” will be broadcast live. The winner will be decided by viewers by voting. Past episodes of “Farm” are available on the Polsat Box Go platform.