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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The end of the 6th season of “Forbidden Fruit”! Will there be a happy ending?

“Forbidden fruit” hit Polish television in 2022 and focuses on the story of two women who are able to treat each other as best friends and at the same time dig holes under each other. Production is slowly coming to an end and fans are wondering how this story will end?

According to rumors and speculations, the Polish version of the series will consist of approximately 530 episodes, which means that viewers will see approximately 100 more episodes, which translates into 5 months of television viewing.

How will season 6 of the series end? It will be a huge surprise!

Viewers can prepare for a big surprise, because in the series finale we will see a wedding, but the ceremony will be performed by people whom no one has ever suspected of taking such a step! Who will become Kumru’s husband and Doğan Yıldırım’s son-in-law?

The wedding will, of course, be lavish, the son-in-law will be welcomed generously, and the bride and groom will receive a honeymoon in the Maldives with a private plane flight as a gift. However, just before the wedding, the groom will disappear! The only thing left behind is a note with the inscription:

In the final episodes, viewers will see not one, but four weddings. Unfortunately, in the time of joy, sadness will also creep in, because one of the main characters will die, which will make everyone very sad.

“Forbidden Fruit” is a Turkish soap opera that gained recognition among Polish viewers. The series premiered in 2018, and in Poland it debuted in 2022. The plot tells the story of Yildiz, who dreams of a rich life, and her sister Zeynep, who is a hard-working idealist. Their fates intersect with Ender, a high-class woman who employs Yildiz in her home and orders her husband to be seduced. This is how the sisters find themselves in the world of ruthless businessmen, full of intrigue and money.