Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The director of “Super Size Me” has died. Morgan Spurlock was 53 years old

The family confirmed the sad news: the director Morgan Spurlock died on Thursday, May 23, as a result of complications related to cancer. The author of the famous documentary was 53 years old.

“Super Size Me” is a documentary production that was nominated for an Oscar. Morgan Spurlock decided to attack the fast food culture. During the 30 days of the “experiment”, Spurlock gained 12 kilograms, the level of cholesterol in his blood increased many times, and he began to complain of various ailments, from headaches to decreased libido.

The idea to make the film came to Spurlock during Thanksgiving in 2002. Then he saw a news report about two young women from New York who had filed a lawsuit against McDonald's, accusing the restaurant of making them obese.

“If so, I thought, hamburgers shouldn't harm me, even if I ate them every day,” said the director.

In the film, Spurlock talks to dietitians, doctors, people involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle and ordinary patrons of fast-food restaurants. For his brave documentary, Spurlock received, among others: award for best director at the Sundance Film Festival.

After the premiere of “Super Size Me”, Spurlock continued to create more documentaries, produced and co-created over 70 films and documentary series, including: “Where is Osama Bin Laden?” His career ended in 2017 when he admitted to being “part of the problem” during the media frenzy caused by the #metoo movement.

“It was a sad day when we said goodbye to my brother Morgan. Morgan gave so much through his art, ideas and generosity. The world lost a true creative genius and a unique man. I am very proud to have worked with him,” wrote one of the director's brothers.