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“Forbidden Fruit”: summaries of episodes 478-482. Kumru is pregnant!

“Forbidden fruit” is a Turkish series telling the story of two sisters – Yildiz and Zeynep – from a poorer district of Istanbul. One day, they meet the wealthy Mrs. Ender, who decides to employ Yildiz as a waitress in her residence. The girl also receives an additional task from her superior, which is intended to test her husband's fidelity. The plot of the series “Forbidden fruit” surprises viewers many times, and unexpected plot twists and exciting coincidences can turn the characters' lives upside down.

Yildiz decides to return to Dogan. The man promises her that they will be happy together. Moreover, Yildiz decides to marry him again. Ender and Handan inform about their plans.

Meanwhile, Kumru takes a pregnancy test and finds out that she is expecting a baby. He wants to tell Selim about it, but he finds Zeynep in his apartment. Julia, in turn, talks to Tugce and tells her about her love for Dogan.

Julia talks to Dogan. The woman warns him about Yildiz. Meanwhile, Sister Zeynep invites Ata for dinner. He wants to meet a deejay from Kumru.

Julia decides to refuse to give Ender money for her business project. Sister Canera is very angry about this and plans revenge on Julia. Kumru tells Dogan that Yildiz wants to marry him for financial gain. The man begins to have doubts.

Dogan decides to check on Yildiz. The man tells her that they are in a difficult financial situation and tells her to cut down on expenses. Kumru, in turn, tells Caner that she is expecting a child. The girl makes him an offer.

Yildiz finds out that Dogan wanted to test her. The woman decides to get back at him. Meanwhile, Zeynep and Handan organize a party in Engin's honor. Ender, present, announces shocking information from the scene regarding the oil spill from Julia's tanker.

The next day, Handan meets Julia at her farm. They talk about Kumru and Selim. New facts come to light. Julia takes dangerous actions against Handan.

The emir makes a decision. He decides to move to Julia's farm. Meanwhile, the woman talks to Selim. She advises him to go abroad.

Some time later, Kumru starts a conversation with the doctor. The girl tells Selim that she is fed up with their relationship.

Emir moves to Julia's farm and starts working there. Caner and Sedai wonder how to get him back. Meanwhile, a dangerous incident occurs in Selim's hospital.

In turn, Ender tells Yildiz to buy a crown with diamonds. Dogan's future wife wonders about her future.

“Forbidden fruit” is a turkish series that you can watch from Monday to Friday at 5:15 p.m. on TVP 2. When will they be broadcast? episodes 478-482? Below is the list:

  • episode 478 – emission on Monday, June 3 at 17:15 on TVP 2;
  • episode 479 – emission on Tuesday, June 4 at 17:15 on TVP 2;
  • episode 480 – emission on Wednesday, June 5 at 17:15 on TVP 2;
  • episode 481 – emission on Thursday, June 6 at 17:15 on TVP 2;
  • episode 482 – emission on Friday, June 7 at 17:15 on TVP 2.

All episodes of the series “Forbidden fruit” can be watched via the TVP VOD platform.