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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The creator of the cult anime has died. Generations have grown up on it

The death of the mangaka was announced by the Japanese weekly “Weekly Shonen Jump”, where Akira Toriyama debuted with the comic book “Wonder Island”. Another of his series made him one of the most popular cartoonists in the world.

The death of Akira Toriyama was announced by the official Dragon Ball X account, which shared a statement from the company that has the rights to the anime and a series of games based on the manga created by the artist. It was reported that the creator died on March 1 from an acute hematoma, at the age of 68.

In the statement we can read:

“We deeply regret. Akira Toriyama was in the process of creating several works with enthusiasm (…) However, he left many manga titles and works of art to the world.”

The funeral ceremonies took place in a very small group, attended by family and closest relatives.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the “One Piece” manga, also published his farewell:

“Too soon. This emptiness is too big. Sadness overwhelms me when I think that I will never see him again. (…) With respect and gratitude for the creative world he left behind, I pray for his rest in peace. May heaven will be the joyful world he imagined.”

Akira Toriyama created the “Dragon Ball” manga from 1984 to 1995. The manga sold 260 million copies worldwide, and it became the basis for an anime of the same title, on which Toriyama actively worked. There is no denying that he was one of the greatest characters who left a mark on the world of anime.

The series tells the story of Son Gokū, a boy with a tail, who, together with the newly met Bulma, sets off on a journey in search of the mysterious Dragon Balls. Legend has it that when seven balls are collected, a dragon – Shen Long – appears and grants one wish. However, for many years no one has managed to collect all the bullets. Son Gokū already had great strength as a child, and over time he became stronger and stronger and, together with his friends, defended the fate of the Earth.