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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2987. Will he get another chance at happiness?

Taking advantage of the day off from work, Hubert decides to relax properly. Unfortunately, the postman will show up at his house early in the morning with a letter from the court.

When Pyrka starts reading that a divorce hearing date has been set, a message will appear on his phone screen “Your memory – 9 years ago” and there will be a gallery with photos from his wedding with Klara.

– I guess the phone call surprised you – says Agata (Natalia Zambrzycka), who has just entered the living room and sees her brother's dull face.

– I was also at that party and I also have photos in the gallery – she will add.

Hubert will show her the letter from the court.

– Just on the wedding anniversary, I can't believe it – sighs Agata.

– If the court wanted to be witty, it hit the mark. I haven't had this much fun in a long time. To tears as usual – Pyrka mocks.

Shortly after talking to his sister, Hubert will go to pick up Marysia. At school, he will unexpectedly bump into Sokalska (Anna Gzyra), who will look terrified.

– They called me… Emil had an accident during PE – Asia will explain to him and, without waiting for his reaction, she will run towards the locker room.

Hubert will decide that he should check what happened and will follow her. It turns out that Emil tripped during the match and hit his head on the ladder.

“I'm fine,” he says.

– We don't know that. You may have a concussion – Sokalska will say, and Hubert will confirm.

– This must be checked. We have to go to the hospital – Pyrka orders and asks Marysia to wait for him in the common room.

– As soon as the doctor sees Emil, I will come for you – he promised his daughter, not expecting that she would spend the entire afternoon in the hospital.

It turns out that Emil is in no danger. Hubert will offer to take Asia home and then call Agata to go pick up Marysia.

After returning home, Pyrka will immediately notice that his daughter is sulking at him.

– I had to take care of Emil – he will start to explain.

– You promised you'd pick her up from school. She regrets that you chose Emil and not her, Agata will say when Marysia runs upstairs without a word.

– I know they are important to you, but… – he whispers in his brother's ear.

– Yes, I know, I can harm myself – Hubert sighs, pointing to the letter from the court lying on the table.

We reveal that a few days later Pyrka will receive a message from America. The detective he asked to keep an eye on his wife will send him photos of Klara with her lover. Hubert will decide that in this situation he will not be blamed for the breakdown of their marriage. He will be sure that Klara will not dare to accuse Sokalska of breaking up the family, so he will decide… to get Asia back. Will Emil's mother give him another chance?

For the broadcast of the 2987th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Monday, April 22 at 8:10 p.m.