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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2974. Will he stay with them for longer? This is not the end of surprises

Soon, Vincenzo will inform Ania that his mother does not intend to go home by plane.

– He says he won’t get into a can of sardines that flies above the ground – he will tell his fiancée.

– He’ll come back by truck. It’s the same as when she arrived, he will add.

The blonde will rightly notice that their friendly driver from Sicily will arrive with the goods in two weeks.

– I know, but I won’t conjure up another car – says Vincenzo.

The prospect of sleeping for a dozen or so consecutive days on a camp bed set up in the corner of the living room behind a makeshift partition will make Ania explode.

“Convince your mother to leave,” Vincenzo will say in a tone that brooks no objections.

– It will be better for everyone – she sighs and suggests to her fiancé that he offer Guliana a hotel room.

Vincenzo will decide to talk to his mother, but he won’t say a word about moving to the hotel. However, he will convince Guliana to decide to travel by plane. The woman agrees on the condition that someone will accompany her all the way home.

– She’s afraid of herself, but if she’s with someone, she’s okay. He will fly with you, Vincenzo told the Blondyna.

– But why with me? – he will hear the question.

– Because I run a bistro here. And you haven’t been to Sicily yet – he will answer.

Ania will remind him that she doesn’t know the language, and besides, she wants to visit his hometown with him, not alone.

– I won’t go there without you. It’s over, period. You go and I stay – he will make it clear.

Vincenzo finally agrees to take his mother home personally.

– Mom is glad that you’re going with her – Ania will tell him.

– But in Sicily, don’t forget that you have a fiancée in Poland – he will make a menacing face.

Her fiancé will hug her, kiss her and whisper in her ear that he will never forget her.

– I’ll come back as soon as possible, he promised her as he said goodbye.

On the same day, when Vincenzo and his mother are already on board the plane to Trapami, Sławka (Ewelina Serafin) will visit Ania. The blonde will complain to her that she has nothing to say in front of Guliana.

– What? Is mommy in charge? – Jezierska will be interested.

– Well, a little – sighs Ania and adds that Vincenzo’s mother wants to organize their wedding in Sicily.

– Let her do it. She won’t interfere with your life because she won’t come here, her friend advises.

After returning from Italy, Vincenzo will tell Ania that he does not want to get married in Trapami. He won’t tell her why. He won’t tell her that he has renewed contact with his former fiancée – Bianca (played by Monika Mariotti), who still has a crush on him.

We reveal that one day Bianca will appear at Feel Good with the intention of taking back Vincenzo Blondyna.

Will the temperamental Italian convince her ex to leave Ania and come back to her?

For the broadcast of the 2974th episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Wednesday, April 3 at 8:10 p.m.