Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The grand villa was the symbol of the legendary Panther. Sad what happened to her

Vinnie Paul Abbott died in his sleep on June 22, 2018, at his home in Las Vegas. He was 54 years old. Two months later, the coroner revealed what caused the death of the musician and Pantera legend.

The cause of death was dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that leads to reduced contractility of the heart. Previously, the official police report, after an autopsy, stated only that the drummer’s death “does not seem suspicious.”

An intimate funeral ceremony took place at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, where Vinnie Paul was laid to rest alongside his mother and brother, Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott. Vinnie Paul, like his brother Darrell, was buried in a custom-made casket (“Kiss Kasket”), which – at the request of the deceased’s family – was donated by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from Group Kiss.

Vinny Paul, who is a legend of metal Pantera and rock music, left behind a lot of valuable items for fans of heavy music. He also left behind a symbol house, i.e. his villa Arlington in the state of Texas.

The property, built in 1995, had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a large garden, as well as a swimming pool and a barbecue. The musician often organized parties in his estate for his friends and people from the industry, which became legendary.

It is therefore not surprising that putting a house on sale for PLN 750,000. dollars in 2022 caused a lot of emotions. Shortly after it was revealed that the villa was for sale, there was someone willing to buy it M. Shadowsvocalist Avenged Sevenfold.

“Vinnie Paul’s house is for sale. A legendary place in every respect and it would be a pity if it was bought by a developer or a non-fan,” he explained.

Shadows called their Texas home “the Graceland of metal music” and appealed to create a band museum there Panther or the entire species. The singer speculated about what might happen to the property and for him the best option was for the Pantera community to buy the house so that they could save an important element of heavy metal from destruction.

However, the musician took into account that the house could also be bought by someone who would not be interested in the sentimental value of this place.

And so it happened. Ultimately – despite Shadows’ appeals – the house ended up in the hands of a private company that decided to demolish the property. Previously, the house had been completely emptied of all the memorabilia that remained in it. The musician’s souvenirs and private items went to auction.

The developer who purchased the house razed it to the ground a few months after buying it. He couldn’t come to terms with it D-Rock Walker.

The musician and Pantera fan wrote: “An absolutely heartbreaking sight (…). It was not only a metal landmark, but a cornerstone of Pantera’s rock legacy. Sold to private investors to build a new home. If you had the opportunity to be invited here, cherish the memories forever,” he wrote.