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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The colors of happiness”: Episode 2971. End of the conflict! Will they finally accept her?

In episode 2971, Oliwka will confess to Madzia (Natalia Sierzputowska) that she has no idea why Tomasz’s mother wants to meet her.

– She made an appointment with me for a manicure. She visited me about twice and never came only for the procedure, she says.

– Are you expecting a sermon? What might he want from you? – her friend will ask her.

Oliwka will think.

“Nothing good, I guess,” he sighs.

Immediately after entering the office, Kępska will tell Oliwka that she wants to talk seriously with her, and nails… well… they are not the most important thing, although they would be useful. “refreshment”.

– We’ll combine business with pleasure – he smiles, and then gets straight to the point.

– I’m impressed. The way you handled this matter with this terrible envious… This is exactly how you should treat this type of people – Wanda will praise Zbrowska for her action with Karwacki (Mateusz Sacharzewski).

It turns out that both she and Henryk followed her struggles with the hater and supported her with all their hearts.

– You handled it firmly and with class – he will say.

Kępska will look Oliwa straight in the eye.

– Listen, we had a bit of a false start, maybe I said a few words too many. Sorry. Let’s start from the beginning, with a clean slate – I will suggest.

– With pleasure – Zbrowska will whisper and a stone will fall from her heart.

Meanwhile, Kępski senior will meet Tomasz at the skateshop.

– I’m surprised you let Oliwka go on such an action alone. There are men to deal with this type of matters – he will attack his son.

Tomek will start explaining to his father that Oliwia didn’t tell him that she was going to pay a visit to the hater.

– So you don’t know what your girlfriend is doing? Are you just letting her go? – Henryk will be surprised.

Wiktor (Grzegorz Kestranek) who is listening to their conversation will unexpectedly side with Zbrowska.

– Grandpa, but Oliwka is not a dog to be kept on a leash. You’re a bit off the rails,’ he mocks.

– Now is not the time to control women. They are independent – adds Tomasz.

The senior will capitulate.

– We are proud of Oliwka, but you failed in this whole situation – he ends the topic.

On the same day, Zbrowska decides to invite the Kępski family for dinner. She will tell Tomek that she really wants to have a really good relationship with his parents now, especially since they probably want it too.

– This apology must have cost your mother a lot, but it looked sincere – he will say.

Will Wanda and Henryk finally bless their son’s relationship with a girl much younger than him?

For the broadcast of the 2971st episode “Colors of happiness” TVP2 invites you on Thursday, March 28 at 8:10 p.m.