Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

OFF Festival Katowice 2024: Edyta Bartosiewicz, Dominika Płonka and who else?

OFF Festival Katowice 2024 will take place on August 2-4, 2024, traditionally in the Valley of the Three Ponds.

So far, we have learned that the festival will feature: Future Islands, The Blaze, Bakar, Clavish, Alice Longyu Gao, Bar Italia, Dc the don, Imperial Triumphant, Puma Blue, Hotline TNT, Los Wembler’s de Iquitos, blackwinterwells, Debby Friday , John Maus, Nourished by Time, Puuluup and Jasper Tygner.

We have just learned more names joining the line-up of this year’s OFF Festival.

Edyta Bartosiewicz (August 3, Scena T Tent) – anyone who consciously lived through the 90s knows the albums “Sen”, “Szok’n’Show” and “Dziecko” by heart and will push themselves against the barriers to sing with tears in their eyes: The wind wakes me up…” or go into a wild frenzy. Those who missed the time of Edyta Bartosiewicz’s hegemony will have the opportunity to catch up in Katowice. One of the most outstanding Polish singers and songwriters was already a star thanks to her debut “Love”, but her first Polish-language album – “Sen” from 1994 – turned out to be a real phenomenon, finding over half a million buyers. Subsequent ones only confirmed her status. At the end of the 1990s, Bartosiewicz went silent for several years, only to return in 2013 with the album “Renovatio”. The world has changed, and so has the music scene – but the quality of her songs has remained the same.

Sevdaliza (August 2, Scena Perlage) – an Iranian-born artist from the Netherlands, a unique figure on the European music scene, equally fluent in using sound and image. In her music, sometimes captivating with its pure beauty, sometimes intriguing with hermetic experiments, critics see the legacy of trip-hop and the continuation of Björk’s work, although Sevdaliza follows her own path. However, the latter comparison makes sense because Sevdaliza willingly enriches her electronic stories about identity and femininity with an intriguing and inspiring visual layer.

Brutus (August 2, Scena Leśna Rossman Do you feel the atmosphere?) – “Once again we will sing together / This endless song / Once again we will dance through the pain” – announces Stefanie Mannaerts in the chorus of “What Have We Done”, one of the most moving songs of recent years, and that’s how it will be. Brutus is a post-hardcore, rising star from Belgium, moving in a triangle whose apexes are Neurosis, Deftones and The Cranberries. This concert will not leave anyone indifferent.

Backxwash (August 3, T Tent Stage) – Ashanti Mutinta is a Zambian-born rapper from Montreal. In 2020, she broke into the spotlight by winning Canada’s most important Polaris Music Prize for the album “God Has Nothing to Do with This Leave Him Out of It”. Since then, she has released a whole trilogy of suffering – albums filled with despair and anger, horrorcore and trap metal. At concerts, he confronts the audience with his own – and collective – traumas, so get ready for burdens, both musically and lyrically.

Moonchild Sanelly (August 3, Experimental Stage)Sanelisiwe Twisha, known to the world as Moonchild Sanelly, comes from South Africa and claims to have invented a new genre of music called future ghetto funk. It is her own mixture of regional kwaito with global rap, but also dancehall, funk and jazz. Moonchild Sanelly does it well – it is not without reason that they have invited her to cooperate with, among others, Beyoncé, Gorillaz and Ghetts. On March 8, you will hear her in a new song, alongside Mxshi Mo, and the artist’s new album should be released before the festival. Believe me, there is something to look forward to.

Leenalchi (August 3, Experimental Stage) – Korean pansori opera, but is it pop? To say that Leenalchi sound original is an understatement. Although it might seem that over the years we have hosted representatives of every musical genre at OFF, we admit that Trzy Stawy has never heard such music before! The band performs with its original line-up – two female voices, one male, keyboards, two basses and drums – juxtaposing tradition with modernity, East with West.

Annahstasia (August 2, T Tent Stage) – jher voice has soul rawness and depth, but the acoustic guitar weeps with folk and blues. She learned everything herself, released her debut album “Sacred Bull” – and Lenny Kravitz invited her on tour. The pandemic slowed down this career, so Annahstasia had time to reinvent herself, which she testified to on the soulful EP “Revival”. “Everything is heavy and has its own weight,” says Annahstasia about her perception of the world and her songs. – “But you can always consider it worth its weight in gold.”

Dominik Płonka (August 2, T Tent Stage) – jone of the most interesting new voices on the Polish scene. She debuted in 2023 with the mini-album “DD EP”, which opened her doors to club and festival stages. He skillfully moves between r’n’b, rap and indie-pop, and in his lyrics between poetry and literalism. Her EP closes with the track titled “When?”. The answer is simple: now!

OFF Festival, initiated by Artur Rojek, has been present on the Polish music scene since 2006. It constantly fascinates with its new and unique atmosphere, including: through the selection of artists. Every year in Katowice you can hear bands and artists from all over the world who will soon set trends in alternative music. In the TOP BRAND 2023 report, prepared by PSMM Monitoring & More, OFF Festival was among the top five of all festivals organized in Poland, in terms of, among others: brand strength and sentiment.