Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

The coaches of “The Voice Kids” did not believe in her powerful voice. Who is Ola Antoniak?

The next edition started at the end of February “The Voice Kids”, in which participants aged 8-14 compete. Down Cleo and Baron and Tomson from Group Afromental she joined as a trainer Natasza Urbańskawhich replaced Dawid Kwiatkowski.

The cause of quite a stir in the next episode of the program will be a 13-year-old girl Ola Antoniakcoming from a small town Adventures. The teenager quickly proved that despite her young age, she can boast of an extraordinary voice timbre, great vocal awareness and the ease with which she can produce even the most difficult sounds.

Ola presented her skills at their best in the song “Hurt” by Christina Aguilera, which is considered one of the most difficult to perform. And although older and more experienced singers have problems singing the hit, Ola performed it in a way that surprised both the coaches and the audience gathered in the studio.

“There are so many colors in her voice, she has an incredible range and the lightness with which she sings, strong high notes – this is a talent, you are born with it. You can learn it, but it will take you your whole life” – the trainer said about Ola Antoniak program Natasza Urbańska.

The 13-year-old’s performance brings to mind the beginnings of her career Christina Aguilera, who also took her first steps in the music industry as a teenager. The American singer, at the age of 12, joined the cast of a variety show popular in the 90s “Mickey Mouse Club”, where she presented her vocal talent. The program aroused interest in her in the media, which became one of the pillars of her international career, which continues to this day.

Whose team will 13-year-old Ola join? We will find out during the broadcast of the next episodes of “The Voice Kids”.