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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Fallout”: The highly anticipated trailer for the star-studded series

Prime Video publishes the official trailer for the new post-apocalyptic series “Fallout“, based on the popular, retrofuturistic video game series. Full of characteristic, dark humor, the trailer presents an extensive game world in which a shelter resident, Lucy (Ella Purnell), tries to survive in a dangerous and contaminated world. The trailer also features the characters Moldavera (Sarita Choudhury) and Ma June (Dale Dickey).

“Fallout” was based on one of the most popular video game series of all time. The series tells the story of life in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, where 200 years after the nuclear holocaust, people are forced to live in luxurious underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and dangerous bandits. In such conditions, the characters must learn to live in a very complex world.

Lucy (Ella Purnell) is an optimistic shelter resident with a typical American spirit of action. Her calm nature and idealistic approach to life are put to the test when she has to leave the shelter to save her father.

Maximus (Aaron Moten), a young soldier who rises through the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel military faction, does everything he can to pursue the Brotherhood’s goals of restoring law and order to the wasteland. Ghoul (Walton Goggins), on the other hand, is a morally ambiguous bounty hunter who still carries within him the 200-year history of the post-nuclear world.

Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner serve as lead executive producers, writers and showrunners. The series is produced by Kilter Films (Jonathan Nolan Lisa Joy, Athena Wickham) and Bethesda Game Studios (Todd Howard and James Altman), who also serve as executive producers. The series stars Ella Purnell (“Yellowjackets”), Aaron Moten (“Deliverance”) and Walton Goggins (“The Hateful Eight”). The first three episodes were directed by Jonathan Nolan.

The series also stars Moises Arias (“The King of Staten Island”), Kyle MacLachlan (“Twin Peaks”), Sarita Choudhury (“Homeland”), Michael Emerson (“Person of Interest”), Leslie Uggams (“Deadpool”), Frances Turner (“The Boys”), Dave Register (“Heightened”), Zach Cherry (“A Separation”), Johnny Pemberton (“Ant-Man”), Rodrigo Luzzi (“Inseparable”), Annabel O’Hagan (“Law & Order : special section”) and Xelia Mendes-Jones (“The Wheel of Time”).

Based on the best-selling video game series, Fallout will be available to watch on Prime Video from April 11.

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