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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“The Bridgertons”: What do we know about season 3? Surprises in the Netflix hit

The upcoming third season “The Bridgertons” will focus on Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton). After Colin stated in season two that Penelope will remain his friend forever, the girl, who is unrequitedly in love with him, decides to start looking for a suitable match for her husband.

Potential candidates include Marcus Anderson (Daniel Francis), Lord Debling (Sam Philips), and Harry Dankworth (James Phoon). However, when things don't go according to Penelope's plan, Colin decides to help her find the right man. Over time, he will also have to answer an important question – is his feeling for Penelope just friendship or something more?

There's only a month left until the premiere, and we can see more and more materials promoting the upcoming season on Netflix's social media. Fans of the relationship between Kate (Simone Ashley) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) have already received their “own” video, so it's time for the couple, around whose fate the main plot will revolve.

In the latest footage posted on Instagram, fans watched a short sensual film featuring Colin and Penelope. Loyal viewers of “Bridgerton” are waiting with bated breath for the next fate of the siblings, but it is worth noting that there are a few surprises waiting for us in the third series. The cast is changing, some of the characters will not return, and the threads of others – to the delight of their fans – will be expanded this season.

The third season deviates slightly from the book original – in the original third part of the series by Julia Quinn, the center of events are Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson) and Sophie (we don't know yet who will play her). The decision to change the main couple of the new installment to Penelope and Colin was criticized by a certain part of the “Bridgerton” fandom. The order of the stories in the book is dictated by… the names of the characters.

Let us remind you that the names of the siblings whose fate we follow in the series begin with subsequent letters of the alphabet – the oldest brother is named Anthony, the second is Benedict, the third – Colin. Then Daphne, Eloise and finally Francesca.

“Well, I did two seasons,” Dynevor told Variety. “I did what I wanted with this character, she experienced a great internal transformation.”

The young actress has already performed in, among others, in the Netflix film “Fair Play”, and one of her next projects is the film “Anniversary” directed by Jan Komasa (“Miasto 44”). The production will also star Diane Lane, McKenna Grace, and Kyle Chandler.

As she announced some time ago Simone Ashley, Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) will return in the third season, and their storyline will be developed. In turn, an actress Hannah Dodd (“Anatomy of a Scandal”) will be replaced by Roby Stokes (“Lockwood & Co.”) in the role of Francesca Bridgerton – the third daughter of Violet Bridgerton.

The third season will be divided into two parts – the first will debut on the platform on May 16, and the second – on June 13, 2024.