Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Latin metal with an energetic kick. Ill Niño is coming to Poland for two concerts

25 years have passed since the drummer Dave Chavarri (then Pro-Pain) decided to bring to life Ill Niño. During this time, the sextet released seven major albums, 2 EPs and a compilation of their greatest hits. Americans have sold over 1.3 million of their albums around the world.

The debut “Revolution Revolución” was released in September 2001 and to this day it appears in the Roadrunner Records catalog as one of the label's classic titles. The single from it, “What Comes Around,” was played on MTV over and over again, as was the song promoting the next release, “How Can I Live,” which reached the top ten in the Mainstream Rock billboard charts.

In 2021, after adventures with bands such as Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy Whether Misfitsthe guitarist returned to the Ill Niño lineup Marc Rizzo. The group is currently working intensively on the successor to “Till Death, La Familia” (2014).

They still appear alongside the leaders Lazaro Pina(bass), Daniel Couto (percussion instruments), Marcos Leal (vocal), Salvador Dominguez (guitar) i Miggy Sanchez (percussion instruments).

“One thing is certain – the nu metal/Latin work of Americans in concert conditions is an energetic kick that will definitely rock you!” – we read in the announcement of two concerts in Poland.

28/08. – Poznań, 2Progi
29/08. – Warsaw, Hydrozagadka.