Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Taylor Swift with a series of concerts in Singapore. The country’s GDP increased by an additional 0.2 percent.

Concerts at the National Stadium in Singapore were the only performances Taylor Swift in Southeast Asia. Before the start of the tour, the star was to sign a special exclusive contract with the country’s authorities. Each event was attended by approximately 55,000 fans.

According to Forbes, as soon as the concerts in Singapore were announced, interest in hotels increased by 10 percent. reported that on March 1-9, there was a 186 percent increase in the number of flights to Singapore – these were mainly flights from Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta.

This increased movement caused economists to raise their economic growth forecasts for the first three months of 2024. Although we will officially find out the GDP growth only on March 31, it is estimated that it will increase by 2.9 percent. If it happens as experts assume, it will be the fastest growth in gross domestic product in six quarters.

Taylor Swift’s decision to perform only in Singapore did not appeal to the authorities of other Asian countries. The Prime Minister of Thailand even said that the star’s agreement with the country was “cunning” and revealed that Swift was supposed to receive approximately $2-3 million for performing only in the city-state. One of the Filipino parliamentarians raved about how painful this arrangement had become for the Philippines. “Good neighbors don’t do that! And our countries remain in good friendly relations. That’s why such actions hurt so much,” he said.

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