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“It will still be fine”: Is the new Disney+ worth watching?

“It will still be fine” (“Everything is fine”, “Tout va bien”) is a new French series that debuted on the platform in Poland Disney+. What is he talking about? The daughter of one of the heroines is struggling with a serious illness. It is difficult for family members to find their way in the new reality. On the screen, we watch how each of them deals with this difficult situation. She played the main role Virginie Efira. The creator of the eight-episode series is Camille de Castelnau.

Watching the series “It Will Still Be Fine” is not the easiest one. The main theme is the illness of the daughter of one of the characters, but it is only a pretext to learn about the stories of the other characters. Although the series does not lack an ironic and sarcastic sense of humor, the emotional load is huge, and getting through eight episodes is a real rollercoaster.

Not all side plots were interestingly implemented. The most interesting is the complicated relationship between Claire (Virginie Efira) and her mother (Nicole Garcia). Claire lives in her mother’s shadow. She is a teenager in the body of an adult woman. He cannot free himself from the toxic dependence between them. Even though she doesn’t seem to care what her mother thinks, many times she involuntarily does as her mother tells her. The relationship between them, along with its decorative nuances, plays great on the screen, and the chemistry between the ladies is palpable.

The plot of Marion’s (Sara Giraudeau) romance and Vincent’s (Aliocha Schneider) turbulent love life are slightly worse presented. After watching eight episodes, you feel slightly dissatisfied and you can’t help but feel that the creator took the easy way out in some cases.

Despite everything, the series “It Will Still Be Fine” is a great emotional bomb that you can treat yourself to from time to time. It’s a good production, although it doesn’t stand out from the diverse competition. The title can certainly attract attention with its cast, packed with the biggest French stars.

At this year’s edition of Unifrance Rendez-Vous in Paris, the creator, Camille de Castelnau, and one of the actors, Aliocha Schneider, gave interviews for Interia. During a table interview, the moved director and author of the script confessed that The main theme “It will still be fine” was inspired by real events that took place in her life.

“It’s a series about a family and the disaster that befalls them. It’s about melancholy and tragedy. It’s about people who react differently in such situations, some are tired, others are stressed. It’s a story inspired by an event in my family’s life,” she confessed.

The director explained the meaning of the title. In French, “tout va bien” is the equivalent of “all is well”, which is the answer to the question what’s going on. As a series title, it has an ironic meaning. Castelnau decided to do this to draw attention to the fact that people have a habit of saying that everything is fine even though it actually isn’t.

“It Will Still Be Fine” is the first independent project in Camille de Castelnau’s career. Previously, she gained experience in the scriptwriting team, working on various French series.

One of the main characters is played by Aliocha Schneider, who is the younger brother of the famous actor – Niels Schneider, whom viewers may remember from his appearances in famous films directed by Xavier Dolan: “I Killed My Mother” and “Dream Loves”. Aliocha, in turn, made his acting debut in 2008 in the film “Mama’s at the Hairdresser”. Since then, he has appeared regularly on the small and big screens. His most popular performances include: the role of Thomas alongside Monica Bellucci in the film “Night in the Ville-Marie” and the main role in the Prime Video series, “Greek Salad”.

Schneider’s hero, Vincent, must face the fears of staying in hospital.

“My hero runs away, it’s his character trait – he just runs away from problems. Maybe because he’s too sensitive. He’s a flight attendant, so he’s never there, he flies all over the world. He doesn’t have a permanent partner, he prefers one-off adventures. The situation in the series forces him to face the truth. He begins to learn a lot about himself,” he summed up Vincent’s character.

In an interview for Interia, the 30-year-old actor revealed that some scenes were extremely demanding for him.

“The most difficult scenes were the scenes in the hospital. In other situations you can gain distance when you leave the set. In this case, we were surrounded by patients, which was the hardest for me,” he confessed.

The series “It Will Still Be Fine” is available on the Disney+ platform.

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