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Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

“Sympatyk”: Will the HBO Max miniseries be continued?

In a recent interview with TheWrap, the show's executive producers, Amanda Burrell and Susan Downey, hinted at the possibility of a Season 2. The story, however, would refer to other novels by Viet Thanh Nguyen; Let us remind you that the first season refers to the award-winning book by the same Vietnamese writer – “The Sympathizer”.

Right now our focus is just getting the show out into the world and see, hopefully, that everyone will appreciate it,” Susan Downey said in the interview.

“I've been part of other projects that had sequels. You have to do it right, you can't look too far beyond that or something will break“- she added.

Created by a South Korean director Chan-wook Park (“Oldboy”) and Don McKellar miniseries “The Sympathizer” debuted with the first episode on April 14.

The production focuses on Captain (Hoa Xuande), a communist agent in the South Vietnamese army, who is forced to flee to the USA at the end of the Vietnam War. While living in a refugee community, the Captain spies on people and reports to the Vietcong, which ultimately causes him to reflect on his own loyalty and morality. The cast included such actors as: Robert Downey Jr. Whether Sandra Oh.

The final episode has several plot twists that will surprise viewers and reveals previously unknown facts.

All episodes of the series “Sympatyk” are available on Max.

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