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Jacob Mendez

Sydney Sweeney reveals what her favorite horror movies are. Among them, Polanski's film

We'll see it in cinemas in April latest movie with Sydney Sweeney – “Immaculate”in which she not only played the main role, but also produced it.

In the horror film “The Immaculate”, the actress plays a young nun, Cecilia, who ends up in an Italian convent. The place is disturbingly beautiful, and the priests and nuns are unnaturally friendly. Soon Cecilia discovers that she is pregnant. When the doctor confirms the immaculate conception, the monastery begins to talk about a miracle. The young nun has the impression that her pregnancy is not a surprise and that there is some terrifying mystery connected with the place. The heroine realizes that she has been chosen to complete a mission that may lead to her destruction.

In “Immaculata”, outside Sydney Sweeneythere are: Alvaro Morte (series “House of Cards”), Simon Tabasco (series “White Lotus”) i Bernadetta Porcaroli (“It's good to lie in good company”). He directed the horror movie Michael Mohan (“When Nobody's Watching”, “The Good Game”). The author of the script is Andrew Lobel.

“I was attracted to this story because it is provocative. I have always liked horror movies. I watched them with my dad as a child. I wanted to create something in the genre that he loves. I thought it was a great movie, the topic had been on my mind for a long time. It's a good picture for start for my studio,” she admitted.

The film “Immaculata” will be released in cinemas on April 26. The distributor of the title is Monolith Films.

Sydney Sweeney is currently promoting the film “Immaculata” by giving numerous interviews. In one of them, she revealed what her four favorite horror movies are. She mentioned mainly the classics of the genre, but also titles from recent years.

In an interview with Letterboxd distinguished, among others, cult film Roman Polański's “Rosemary's Baby”, defining it as the greatest inspiration for the creation of “Immaculata”.

She mentioned the second horror movie “This Is Us” directed by Jordan Peele. It starred Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson. A woman with her husband (Winston Duke, known from “Black Panther”) and children come to a summer house to find respite. Haunted by unexplained and unresolved past traumas and bizarre coincidences, Adelaide feels her paranoia growing uncontrollably. Sydney Sweeney noted Nyong'o's outstanding performance, calling her an “incredible actress.”

Sweeney also highlighted the film Stanley Kubrick's classic of the genre, “The Shining”. She confessed that, as an actress, she would like to be in the place of Jack Nicholson, who played the main character of Jack Torrance, who permanently entered the history of cinematography.

The young star's set included a horror film John Carpenter – “Halloween”. Sydney Sweeney concluded that Carpenter with Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the unforgettable Laurie, created a wonderful, iconic story.

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