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Jacob Mendez

Sweet revenge. How did music stars get back at their partners?

Revenge is sweet, and this one is exceptionally sweet. Some singers at least did not reveal who exactly they wrote about, but if the hero or heroine of the song is not an anonymous person, and the song becomes a hit, it can’t get any worse.

Queen of musical revenge. Malicious people laugh and write under each photo of the artist with any boy: “Taylor takes her next album for a walk.” The singer does not bite her tongue and is able to remind her former partners of all their sins. It’s no big secret that the star’s relationships have inspired many of her songs. Although Taylor Swift he usually works with white gloves and, of course, does not mention the name of the specific “inspiration” in a given hit. However, inquisitive fans only need a moment to unravel the mystery.

Picture to Burn” is, for example, a story about the artist’s high school love. Her former boyfriend, Jordan, cheated on Taylor with her friend, and the star was not going to forgive that.”Forever & Always” and “Better Than Revenge” is, in turn, a “tribute” to Joe Jonas, who broke up with the singer over the phone, and the conversation itself lasted, as the star said, “about 25 seconds.” “Dear John” was a musical gift for John Mayer, who felt humiliated after listening to the song. “We Are Never Getting Back Together” was a message for Jack Gyllenhaal and the title says everything about the former couple’s relationship. “Out of the Woods” and “Styles” is in turn a dedication to Harry Stylesafter a short but – as you can see – painful relationship.

The Canadian never beat around the bush, so the hero of this hit couldn’t count on a discount either. Alanis Morissette, despite hundreds of questions, did not reveal who the song was about for many years, but her former partner revealed himself. The artist was in a two-year relationship Dave Coulier. The actor was unlucky because the album “Jagged Little Pill“, which included this single, turned out to be a huge success and sold like hot cakes.

Dave, 15 years older than the artist, recalled that for the first time he heard “You Ought to Know” on the radio and he even liked the song, but after a while he realized that he knew the singer’s voice. Coulier immediately went to the store and bought the entire album, which could have provided him with additional discoveries, because there were also references to the relationship in several other places on the album. However, nothing beats this song, in which you can really hear the bitterness and anger. No wonder the song became not only a hit, but also an anthem for people who have been abandoned and are clearly not thrilled about it.

This song not only started his solo career for good Justin Timberlake, but it also turned out to be a public settlement with his ex-girlfriend. She happened to be her Britney Spears, and the relationship of these two began and ended in front of the whole world, so the song aroused emotions even more. At first, Justin didn’t want to reveal who the single was about, but a few years after its premiere, he changed his mind. The musician admitted that the song was created after an argument with the singer. Timberlake was working in the studio with Timbalandleft briefly to take a call from Brit and came back so angry that the producer had to calm him down.

That’s when the artist wrote the text “Cry Me a River“. Spears didn’t get much press after the single’s release because she was “the one who hurt Justin.” However, the roles were reversed when the star released “Everytime“, which was quickly treated by fans as a response to Timberlake’s song, and the revelations revealed in the following years showed that Justin was not as saintly as it seemed.

Relationship Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth It had been turbulent before, but nothing could top what happened when the couple finally broke up. The tabloids reported about the actor’s betrayals and the artists’ disastrous relationships, but the singer tried not to comment on these revelations. She only did it for real in the song. “Flowers” is not the aggressive song that some people expected. It is more of a combination of bitter reckoning and minor point-blankets. The original lyrics were a bit sadder than the single’s lyrics, but Miley said that instead of feeling down, she wanted to encourage herself and other people in this situation. self-confidence. The singer also admitted that she did not regret the relationship, despite its disastrous ending, because the relationship turned out to be a valuable experience in her life and an inspiration to write. “Flowers” also provided the artist with her first Grammy Award, so there is actually no this bad thing that wouldn’t work out for good.

A reference to the famous movie Quentin Tarantino is not accidental here. Just like on the screen UmaThurman She’s planning revenge on her former boss and lover, yes HUSH she plans to get back at her ex-boyfriend who quickly forgot about her. Don’t let the gentle sound of the song fool you: the rematch won’t be pretty. The artist sings that she could kill her ex and his new girlfriend. It may not be the best idea, but “I’d rather be in prison than alone.”

It’s true that it’s just a song and SZA assured in interviews that her intentions were purely peaceful, but no one would probably be surprised if, after the single’s premiere, the artist’s ex-boyfriend looked back more often on the street. The song is accompanied by a music video which – if anyone still had any doubts – precisely shows the execution of the revenge plan. HUSH She referred to her former relationship in several songs on the album.SAUCE“, but in none of them did she do it as clearly as in “Kill Bill“The single turned out to be a huge hit, which made the artist even more happy because it took her less than an hour to write the lyrics.

Many people associate the British singer with sad breakup songs, but don’t be fooled: Adele he can also bite back. CD “21“, on which the artist settled with her former love, turned out to be such a success that the singer’s ex-boyfriend even wanted to take some of the credit. I guess he didn’t listen to the album carefully enough. Atkins in “Rumor Has It” she settled accounts with her friends who told tabloids lies about her relationship, and then – in “Rolling in the Deep” – she targeted her former partner. No wonder.

The star revealed in one of the interviews what she heard from the man as he said goodbye. She learned, among other things, that without him her life would be hopeless and boring, and that she would be weak if they broke up and she would end up alone. These words upset the singer so much that she decided to respond. “This song is my ‘get the f**k out of this house’ instead of begging him to come back,” the artist admitted in an interview with Spin magazine. The ex-boyfriend couldn’t imagine a worse revenge. “Rolling in the Deep” became such a big hit that at one point you could avoid it by just staying home and turning off the Internet.

If someone as nice and friendly to people as Ed Sheeran got angry enough to write a song about his ex-girlfriend, the relationship must have ended really badly. The musician was aware that the text would cause controversy. No wonder, since the star sang about being deceived and betrayed. Still, the artist was disappointed that everyone focused solely on the story and ignored the song itself – which Sheeran said was one of the best things he’s ever written. The star did not want to reveal who the single was about, avoided answering questions and did not even try to suggest who the lyrics might refer to.

He only admitted that the story was one hundred percent true, and he warned his ex-girlfriend before the premiere of the song. The woman only said that she expected such a rematch. “Don’t” suggests that the star’s former partner was also a person from show business, so gossip magazines quickly began to speculate that it might be about Ellie Goulding. At first, the artist did not comment on the song at all, but the accusations eventually irritated her and she said it was nonsense, especially since she had never been in a relationship with Ed.

Forbearance towards her ex-boyfriend who treated her badly? I guess you didn’t expect this from Rihanna, True? The singer has no mercy for her ex. IN “Take a Bow” the artist tells him to be silent, quickly pack up and get out of her sight. To make it less cruel, Rihanna has a reward for her ex-boyfriend – a standing ovation for all the lies he has ever served her. Maybe he is sorry, but that’s not why that he cheated, but because the betrayal came to light. RiRi did not write this text herself, because the author of many other hits did it, Ne-Yo. However, the musician already knew the singer perfectly well and knew that she would be able to cope well with the song, which is revenge served cold, even if the song was not about a specific person. It turned out that Ne-Yo was ahead of the events, because when the singer’s stormy relationship with… Chris Brownthe text fit the story of this relationship exceptionally well.

Although the star had said goodbye to her ex-boyfriend many years ago without regret in the hit “Irreplaceable”, Queen Bey’s real revenge turned out to be the song “Sorry“. In 2014, rumors appeared about the singer’s husband cheating, i.e Jay-Z. It was then that the famous recording of the scuffle came to light Solange Knowles with my brother-in-law in the elevator. Fans immediately knew that this was more than just a simple family misunderstanding. The matter was clarified two years later, when Beyonce released the album “Lemonade“, and in her songs she spoke openly about betrayal.

“Sorry” aroused the most emotions, in which the star was no longer just sad because of her husband’s infidelity, but simply angry – very angry. Bey sang about how she doesn’t want to hear another apology, and that she regrets marrying the rapper, and since he didn’t show up at the agreed time, he’s probably cheating again, so she’ll just move out. Finally, the artist called her husband’s lover “Becky with the good hair”, which started an avalanche of speculations about who the mysterious woman was. Jay-Z learned a lesson in front of the whole world and it’s safe to say that “Sorry” is not his favorite song.

The story of this song started with me joking with the producer about the lyrics and then Pink she had so much fun creating it that these jokes ended up in the finished piece. Between the lines, however, the singer, not jokingly, talked about problems in her marriage. The artist was separated from her husband and decided that instead of complaining, she would enjoy life.

So Pink sang about how things may not be going well, but after all, she’s a rock star and a free person, so she can have fun and not worry about problems. The song became outdated quite quickly because the artist and Carey Hart got back together, but the singer did not intend to give up the hit and still performs it at concerts. Pink likes to look at her husband’s face when he sings “So What” live, and the audience knows perfectly well who the “jug” the artist mentions in the text is.